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Thursday, 10 January 2008

This group where people can discuss and raise awareness of this deadly disease
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Shannette:  My name is Shannette, My darling husband Adrian passed away on 16th April 2011. He had a brain tumour he was only 37. He left behind a beautiful 10 month old son. I miss him every second of every minute of everyday. He was the light of my life and now the light has gone out. I just hope that one day soon there will be a cure and families don't have to endure the pain of losing a loved one. RIP Adrian
Ppppppppchuuuuu:  This may only be for human cancer victims, but in 2003 I lost my dog Duke to cancer. I miss him very much.
Amandax:  To u all reading wot u all have wrote i dont feel alone u do at the time like noone else can hurt i lost within 3mths it was the worst time in my life and hope to god i never have to feel pain like that again, thanku for lettin me be part of this
Amandax:  my dad passed 2006 3 yrs i find it harder now then i did at first it hurts so much
heavensrose:  my mom died on 6/6/09 she had lung and lyrnx cancer they thought they got but didnt she then got way worse then it got so bad she had lesions growing on her every day or tumors 20 or more they gave her 4-6 weeks and she diedon june 6th the day before she died she lost a lung and the cancer was so bad she couldnt move one whole side of her bodyi miss her so much how can i do this without her i have a 5 yr old boy who is hurtting so much too he misses her but doesnt fully understand
MaryHanley:  Nov. 7th of 08 will be one year since my mom died of cancer. I can still see in my mind her very last moments when I was holding her hand and she looked up and took her last breath. I miss her more than I can express.
azbarmaid:  Hello, my name is Cindy. I recently lost my mother to breast cancer. SHe was diagnosed in 2005. She was doing good until they put her on a drug called zometa. it caused her to have a huge infection that spread throughout her body. Please look it up online. I loved my mother so much. She passed on June 13th of this year. Thank you for having this group to join, to help others like me cope with thier loss.
buxrocks:  My father passed away 12/12/1999, 5 1/2 years after being doagnosed with bladder cancer. Today would be his 77th birthday :( I am still having a hard time with him being gone, even after almost 9 years!
lshore:  I just wanted to say that it is a great thing to have this site and the groups that are available. I lost my dad over 25 years ago to colon cancer. At that time I was only 7 but there is NEVER a day that goes by that I don't miss him. Thanks for this groups.
missygrant21:  Hi my name is missy and I lost my mother to cancer on Christmas eve 2006..she was given a year to live and only lived 3 months after her diagnosis..We were not only mother and daughter but best friends too..I feel so alone without her...she left behind 2 baby grandchildren plus one on the way..I found out I was pregant with my second child 2 weeks after she died..and it drives me crazy b/c my daughter looks just like her!! I miss her so much!!
loz:  My Dad died of mesothelioma cancer on 4 april 2008, I miss him very much, cant believe hes not here anymore. I felt so sorry for him in his last week of life, wish I could talk to him again and see his smiling face. Life isnt the same without him.
wilkinsme:  I'll be a year-I lost my dad to Mesothelioma and I am so grateful that I was there with him to hold his hand. And I miss him very much.
LOU:  my mum died of lung cancer feb 07. so bad that mum goy 9mths 2 live. but only lasted 4 of them . its so hard 2 watch someone u love. that u have 2 feed them . miss mumso much everyday of my life. xx
MaryHanley:  To Sugar, April was not that long ago, you must still be hurting. My mom died of lung cancer November of 07, and her passing was only 6 weeks after her diagnosis. Although she was told she could have up to a year left of life, it wasn't the kind of life she wanted to live and just didn't fight it. I miss her more than I am able to express.
tlee94:  hi my grandma just past away due to 5 different cancers..i cant remember them cus im only 13..i would love to join your group
tlee94:  hi my grandma just past away due to 5 different cancers..i cant remember them cus im only 13..i would love to join your group
Suzan:  Hi, my name is Susan and my husband, Al, died of lung cancer on April 5 2008, only 6 weeks after diagnosis.
katiekelly:  hi my brother john died of milanoma cancer
brokenheartedgirl:  My Father Died with Mesothelioma Cancer from Asbestos on December 13 2007, if any one would like to chat im here send me a message and i will give you my yahoo id thanks you Lisa
jenna:  i am glad that you guys are sharing what happened to your moms and dads
jenna:  my grandfather died on dec 17 2007 of colon cancer and mers...
amyjane:  hi, my mum recently died after a 10 yr battle fanx 4 lettin me join ur group xx
sweet16daffodil:  Hi, My Dad lost his battle to cancer just over 12 years ago, when I was 16. Thanx for letting me join your group.
DanielleTredgett:  Hi their my mum sadly lost her battle to cancer after a 8 year battle thank you for letting me join the group x
kaykay58:  Hi, my name is Kay Harvey, and my mother, Wanda Whiteley passed away from ovarian cancer. Would love to join your group. Thanks.
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