Imorial Tells Life Stories That Last Forever

Grief is a natural reaction to loss of life. Here, at, memorials are created by one or more loved ones as a way of recounting a deceased individual's life story. Imorial helps persons who are grieving by allowing them to create an everlasting online memorial. Visitors can choose to post tributes or condolences to the site or can visit regularly to see new tributes. Condolences and tributes can be posted in the written word or through images, slide shows or even through digital clips.

As grief is such a personal thing, many close friends and family members are not sure how to proceed. At, the grieving person can:

Every memorial serves a purpose. Because our world is so connected, sometimes grieving friends and family members are unable to make the funeral services or they may not hear of the passing for months. Imorial presents the opportunity to share a treasured memory with friends of the family and with the family itself. One attribute of these memorials is that the site's creator can see how many visitors have viewed the site. This number can be gratifyingly surprising.

Remarkably, is a story of life told through those who grieve. The memorial tributes tell a very poignant story of how the deceased individual embraced life. There are often tributes with stories, film clips or photos that family members never heard or saw. With every new tribute, another chapter of the departed one's life unfolds.

Best of all, the free memorial is available at the same location all day, every day. If friends want to express their tribute, they can post the tribute and follow the memorial wherever their travels take them.

Another aspect of the Imorial site is that bereaved survivors can communicate with other persons through group discussions. This network of supporters is anxious to discuss the effects of loss and the grieving process. This network can provide great comfort to those struggling with grief. Many members have cited this group program as being very beneficial in the healing process.

There are many site designs from which the creator can select. There are also many choices for tributes. The family can choose a tribute page where visitors can choose a lighted candle, memorial flowers, stones or a heart to be posted as a show of affection.

Another page allows for condolence messages. Every memorial has its own unique web address. Imorial has announced that soon a family tree option will be available. With this choice, visitors can trace their roots for generations to come.

Our appeal has spread rapidly. The site now features 6,805 memorials with 40,556 tributes and 16,883 members. Creating the online memorials is therapeutic for many members. The creator can choose from several options and is prompted smoothly through the design process.

What most people like about this service is that it is a 21st century aid to treat grief while leaving a memorial that will survive forever. Imorial has now decided to add pet memorials to the timeless site.

Every living being has a story. Some of those stories are far reaching. At, we stand ready to bring all the pieces of the story together in one unforgettable location.

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