Memory Of

Losing someone you love can be an isolating and difficult experience. Many people find solace in online memorial community and create memorial websites in memory of those who have passed. With the success of social networking sites such as Facebook, it makes sense that people are using new media to connect with others to share their experiences and cope with grief. Imorial cleverly incorporates emo social media in order to present a conduit for emotional expression. Technology has changed the acts of bereavement and played a valuable role in taking the grief stricken by hand and lead them into a community where the memory of someone can be shared around the world.

For a generation that has come of age through social networking, it seems a only natural to reach out to each other and share feelings and memories. This is the key concept of Imorial, which is designed to honor people who have passed away through memorial websites in memory of those they have loved and lost. Imorial is the welcomed next step in the evolution of social networking.

Imorial gives Family and friends going through the grieving process a place to network with others coping with similar emotions. Family and friends can connect with others through memorials and groups. Imorial is simple to use by any amateur user. Creating online memorials, uploading photos, videos, and memories are all easily accessible with Imorial's clean, yet intelligent design. The result creates an interactive and improvised memorial community to honor and remember.

Our Wishing Well