What is an Imorial?

An imorial is an online space dedicated to the memory of a loved one who has passed. It is the online version of a memorial - an internet memorial, hence the name we have coined.

Who is Imorial?

Imorial is a fully owned subsidiary of Cinnic Interactive. The Imorial system was built by and continues to be supported a large collaborative team and is an idea that was hatched by the founders many years ago. The system evolved out of the desire to be able to record a loved ones passing and bring family together. Essentially we wanted somewhere safe that we could record the legacy of our family line and allow the whole family, no matter where in the world, and their descendents, to have a central point to celebrate and remember. The system is intended to evolve to cater to the needs of people all around the world wishing to utilise it. Additionally we hope it will endure and accommodate many generations before and those to come.

Can any one set up an memorial?

Yes, anyone can set up an memorial provided the content falls within our 'terms and conditions'. We ask that you search for existing memorials first to ensure you are not replicating an existing memorials. The system is open to all walks of life, in every country and is a bridge between this world and those that have passed.

Why go the effort of setting up an memorial?

There are many reasons and often they are of a personal nature. Time passes quickly and an memorial presets an opportunity in time in your own personal space to reflect on and remember someone special. An memorial can be accessed from anywhere in the world and allows families to come together. It goes beyond a gravestone because it is more of a living tribute. In terms of effort the system is very powerful yet easy to use. We have incorporated a wide range of advanced technologies.

Who can access my memorials?

Who can access your memorials is completely up to you. You can make it viewable to 'Anybody', which allows everyone to view and pay their respects to the memorial. You can limit it to just 'Friends/Family' which will only allow members who have requested friendship or you have added as a friend or family member to view the memorial. You can choose to make the memorial viewable to 'Nobody' which will only allows the creator of the memorial to view it. These privacy settings can also be applied to the memorial's photos and videos.

How much does it cost?

Setting up an memorial is completely free. Its ongoing hosting is also free. In order to bring you the service of this system and ensure its sustainability we embed unobtrusive text and image ads in your memorial. If you do not want the ads to appear then they can be removed by sponsoring that memorial. sponsorship features.

Can I prevent ads from appearing on my memorial?

Yes. At Imorial we understand that some people may wish to remove ads from a loved one's memorial. That's why we have included a feature where you may sponsor a memorial. Sponsoring a memorial will stop ads from being displayed on that memorial forever and comes at a small charge of $49.95 US. This is a one off payment. sponsorship features.

What is "Sponsoring a Memorial"?

Sponsoring a memorial is a way in which you may sponsor the hosting of a memorial. This means since you have sponsored the memorial, we do not need to display ads and you then have the ability to make your memorial private or only viewable to friends, to maintain that particular memorial. sponsorship features.

How much does it cost to sponsor a memorial?

Sponsoring a memorial costs $49.95 US and is a one off payment. sponsorship features.

How long will my memorial be sponsored for?

The sponsorship will last for the life of the memorial, so no further payments will be required.

How long will my memorial stay online?

As long as Imorial exists so will your memorials. No memorial will ever be removed unless it is deemed offensive / abusive or it is requested by family members and those reasons are considered reasonable by Imorial.

How do you prevent people leaving mean and nasty tributes?

In order to post a tribute, the person posting must be a registered member of Imorial. This largely ensures that only true posts are made. Additionally as an administrator you have the ability to remove posted tributes altogether. If you find that a member is continually posting offensive tributes you may report them by contacting us about the issue and we will then investigate the claim and discipline the offender accordingly.

Can I invite Family and Friends to view the memorial using the system?

Yes. Using the system you can bulk invite family and friends to view what you have created and contribute as desired.

How do I pay my respects when I visit someones memorial?

There are numerous ways you can pay tribute online. You can lay virtual stone, a virtual flower, light a candle or leave a personal message (tribute). You will need to be logged in to do so.

Can I remove a memorial I have created?

There are three privacy settings for your Imorial that will distinguish who and who can't view your memorial and its contents. These three setting types are 'Anybody', 'Friends\Family' and 'Nobody'. If you set your memorial to 'Nobody', it will only allow the creator of the memorial to view it and nobody else.

What does 'PM creator' mean?

PM creator means Personal Message to the creator of the memorial. This allows users to send a message to the creator of the memorial via the system.

Do you offer custom design services for my memorial?

Absolutely yes. We would be pleased to provide you with a quote based on your requirements. For something very special and unique contact us here.

Why do we need to signup to place and tribute and why do we need to activate our account?

The main reason we get members to signup to imorial is to help stop spam being posted on memorials and also to encourage a community atmosphere where members can become friends of memorials as well as utilize the many features of imorial. We require members to activate their account so that we can ensure the account was not generated by an automated bot and continue to make imorial a safe place to visit.

I have not received my Activation email yet. What do I do?

If you have not received your Activation email yet, I would suggest to check your junk mail and spam folders for the email as your mail client may have treated it as spam. If it is no where to be found, you can try resend the Activation email by entering your email address on the activation page. If after all this you still do not receive your Activation email, please try and signup to imorial using a mainstream email account such as hotmail, gmail or yahoo. If all else fails please contact us here.

Why Join?

  • Create your own memorial website
  • Simple to use
  • Share photos, videos, memories
  • Unique memorial address
  • Template or custom designs
  • Find, join and create groups
  • Add friends and family to memorials
  • Communicate with family and friends

It’s Free!

The best things in life are free and imorial is 100% FREE. In general Imorial is in part funded by advertising and you will never have to pay or receive a bill for using this service. We offer an ad free premium upgrade for those that wish to have extended features. We also welcome your feedback and of course would encourage you to share our site with people who may benefit from it.


no spyware

Imorial will never sell your information or partake in activities involved with spyware.

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