How to Create A Free Online Memorial

Having just lost a father-in-law who was 89 years old, I came to realize how the world has changed. One of the very positive changes is the ability to create a free online memorial that is available to friends in far away places.

One of my responsibilities was to write the obituary. This is man that had seven children, 16 grandchildren, 18 great grandchildren and one great-great grandchild. The size of the family and the places where they all reside are very diverse. We posted the obituary in all the local newspapers. Many have online obituary pages.

The wake was the largest I have ever attended. It ran one and one half hours over the four hour time frame. The funeral was equally well attended.

Despite the presence of family and friends, my wife and I felt something was missing. A free online memorial is a wonderful way to tell the story of a loved one's life. Not only is a wonderful memorial created, but the site stays vibrant with new tributes and contacts from far away. Often times, longtime friends are unaware of the passing of friends and even loved ones. This is a chance to hear from everyone.

Your online memorial is a celebration of the loved one's life. It is vibrant because tributes can be added any time someone has a sentimental moment. Here is a place that friends can add to the life story, embellish a treasured event or share a laugh. When my father-in-law passed away, many of his contemporaries and all his siblings had pre-deceased him.

As a pilot in World War II, he had many friends on both sides of the pond. He also had a relative who was in China. Here we are thirty days later still receiving fond remembrances and respects. Now, we encourage everyone to post their tributes at the online memorial. is a user-friendly site that specializes in free memorials. Almost 6,200 online memorials are hosted here. More than 37,000 online tributes have been posted and the site has more than 15,000 members. Obviously this is one online application that has real, down-to-earth merit.

The process of launching the memorial is as simple as choosing a name for the memorial, usually the name of the deceased individual, setting up the memorial in a style of your liking and then sending the memorial's address to as many friends and family members as possible. Word will get around.

One of the common sentiments of those who grieve is that they regret not conveying a special moment in their relationship with the deceased. Online memorials are perfect for giving everyone a chance to espouse their emotions.

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