Crafting An Online Memorial

If the idea of building an online memorial for a loved one or friend appeals to you, please visit This site is designed so that family members and friends can post tributes to their lost comrade.

More than 6,500 memorials are currently active at the web site. More than 39,000 people have posted tributes to their loved one or friend. is one site that is dedicated to easing the symptoms of grieving by the transparent process of numerous anecdotal postings regarding the deceased person.

Founding the memorial requires three easy steps. First, the memorial name is selected. Second, the creator selects the memorial layout and thirdly the originator starts to spread the word about the site.

Creating an ongoing, sustainable memorial has many benefits. Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren can visit the site and post a message or visit the site and see what other contributors have posted. This process is comforting and healing. also serves as a venue to maintain the spirit of the departed loved one.

Tributes can consist of one or two words or photos or a series of comments or even videos. Each contributor can come back as often as desired. They can also post remembrances whenever they think of them. This interaction is important and powerful.

A friend could be playing golf and spark a story that others should hear. Perhaps there are memories from the wedding that should also be shared. Whatever the occasion, a tribute could help children, grandchildren and great grandchildren feel connected to their lost family member.

Everybody grieves differently. Some people struggle with denial or get angry or experience any number of possible emotional reactions. Eventually, most people arrive at a certain peace with themselves and the loss. Letters help but the online memorial has so many appealing features. Once started, the memorial at stays vibrant, active and comforting.

For those of us who never really know what to say to comfort family members, the opportunity to speak or write our peace is easily provided by Visit the site and discover how practical this online memorial is.

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