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Lawrence Buckner
(1923 - 2011)


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General Details

Name: Mr Lawrence Buckner
Gender: Male
Age: 87 years old
Lived: Sunday, 23 December 1923 - Thursday, 15 September 2011

My Story

                                                          Lawrence Linwood Buckner

Lawrence was born in Clarke County Virginia, two days before Christmas,  in 1923, on the property known as The McCormick Place. Grew up  on a farm and enjoyed being a country boy. Growing up along the Shenandoah River, he did a lot of fishing and swimming in the summer. Then come winter time,  he, his brothers and buddies would go sled riding on hills and icy roads;  ice skating on the frozen ponds and the river, too, if solid enough and tried to ski on homemade ski s,  made from the rockers of an old rocking chair.  Endless stories were told of Edward Lahnam, Marshal Feltner, Iden Fincham and Bill McDonald, his closest childhood friends,  and then more stories to include the  Beamusdaffer and Erickson families.

He attended his first three years of school in Berryville and the remaining years in Boyce. Spoke of having to walk a couple miles,  just to meet the school bus, no matter what the weather.  After attending eleventh grade,  he was drafted into the service.

Lawrence was a Buckner, so therefore, he was a sportsman. He enjoyed playing football, softball and golf; enjoyed bowling and played on leagues in both Boyce and Winchester. He  played Minor League baseball, for the Philadelphia  A's, where he pitched and sometimes played first base.

Lawrence was a fisherman and hunter, too. Fishin'in the Shenandoah for anything that would bite, was a favorite pass-time, whether bass, sunperch, bluegill, crappie, catfish or carp- didn't matter. As a hunter,  his sights were aimed at deer, squirrel, groundhog and coon hunting by the light of the moon, with 'Duke', his Walker.

His love for sports did not end with his being drafted. He served in the Army Airforce 492nd bomb group division beginning at Camp Stone in England, in WW II 1943-1945. This is where he took up boxing. I remember, he brought over his boxing gloves, many many years after his service days and asked me if I wanted to learn to box. I said, OK and he proceeded to tie on his 'big' gloves to my small hands. He had barely gotten to his knees, in front of me, to be face-to-face, when I popped him right between the eyes and sent him backwards. All he said was, with a big, embarrassed grin on his face was,  "I wasn't ready yet." That ended my boxing lessons.

Besides sports, his other interest were collecting Indian artifacts, searching his indian heritage, collecting rock variations and collecting silver coins. The coins were sold when silver skyrocketed and he actually had enough to buy a new Chevy Luv pickup truck.

Mentioned, one of his most beautiful sights while in the service, besides Daisy Mae, occurred in the early mornin' hours out on the deck of his ship. The moon was full, shining down on the water;  the only sounds were the waves striking the sides of the ship. Suddenly out of no where, two whales came up - swimming along side, for the longest time. Said, It was just beautiful. 

After the service, he worked as a plumber for Thomas Plumbing in Berryville, Virginia; started a pump company with his younger brother Bev, named it , "Northern Virginia Pumping Company'. Said, "Bev ran the business and I did the installations, ...that boy worked me to death." The company dissolved when Bev passed away in 1963.

He  worked as a well driller for Singhas Well Drilling, out of Upperville, Virginia, for many years. Clients say, he would walk their property holding a tree branch and when the branch pointed to the ground, he'd mark the spot. That marker is where he'd suggest they would drill for water. 

Lawrence married Eleanor Myers. They had no children of their own and after several years, they were divorced. However, he had nephews, nieces and other 'youngsters' in his life. One of his greatest pleasures, I believe,  was teaching us 'youngsters' about Life.

He drove an old Jeep Wrangler. The floor board in it had rusted out. So to keep from seeing the road below, we just threw some cardboard over the hole. It was a cold ride in the winter time, besides the hole in the floor, it only had a soft-top, which would  flop in the wind,  'cause all the snaps weren't set. But (I) wouldn't have had it any other way. However, in the spring time, that old top came off and stayed off until the leaves fell in the Fall. If you were ridin' and a rain storm came up, you just leaned in toward the windshield and let the rain pass over your head. If you happened to be in town, during the storm,  you'd pray the traffic lights ahead, would remain 'green' until you passed under. 
Lawrence also could-carry-a-tune...he enjoyed singing and was an exceptional whistler. The only instrument I saw him play was an old 'juice harp'. He'd plink on it while his brother, Bill, played guitar. He enjoyed the old folk songs: You are My Sunshine, Beautiful Beautiful Brown Eyes, Red River Valley, Old Folks at Home, as well as, the old Gospel Hymns: Amazing Grace, Will the Circle Be Unbroken, When We All Get to Heaven, When the Roll is Called Up Yonder, How Great Thou Art, Sweet By and By, ...not to forget Christmas time singing Jingle Bells, Rudolph and of course:  Joy to the World and Silent Night.   

As we youngsters spent time with Lawrence, whether it be on a jeep ride, or his instructing us on the proper way to hold and swing a golf club or baseball bat; how to set your bait on a fishing hook, or how to be quiet and still, when hunting...he was also unknowingly, teaching us other things: How it was important to respect your folks: father, mother, grandparents,  peers; How not to be afraid to show emotion, and yet never lose control; Get out and enjoy nature - listen to your surroundings: the birds singin', frogs croakin'; the wind - whistlin' through the trees; watchin' a thunder storm pass and countin' the seconds between the lightning flash and the roll of the thunder. He tried to teach us: to never take things for granted; never take advantage of others and to practice patience, in your trials. Tried to teach the importance of  determination - never give up, until all options were tried (twice); always do your Best - doin' something 'half-way', was just being lazy and a waste of time; Be punctual - never make someone wait for you, 'cause their time was precious, too.  Taught us to "love yourself - be your own person; be strong when tempted; be sensitive to others feelings and never be ashamed to cry.  Love your God, your family, your friends and your country. Life is short - years pass by quickly - LIVE each may not have a tomorrow."

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Fathers Name: Wade Hampton Buckner, Sr
Mothers Name: Eva Omega Feltner Buckner
Spouse's Name: Eleanor Myers
Children's Names: N/A
Siblings Names: Harold Buckner, Wade Buckner Jr., Beverly Buckner
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Berryville
Occupation: Trades & Services
Marital Status: Divorced


Other Interests:
Lawrence was a sportsman. He enjoyed baseball, softball, golf, bowling, as well as, hunting and fishing. He also enjoyed searching for Indian artifacts and had a collection of arrowheads. He would go berry pickin' on the hottest of days; gather mushrooms for the local restaurant.


Place of Passing: His home
Date of Passing: 15 September 2011
Cause of Passing: Left in his sleep
Type of Funeral: Memorial

Music - Caring

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