Building Memories with IMorial

There is nothing as painful or emotionally stressful as losing a loved one. Through this pain and sorrow, the family must attend to all the funeral arrangements and create a death notice, funeral notice or obituary. Anyone who been through this process knows that there must be a better way to create a lasting record of the person who has touched their lives.

Should there not be a living memorial for our loved ones? Shouldn't we create an everlasting online memorial that children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren can visit to understand their heritage?

As we know all too well, dying is not reserved for the elderly. Death can visit any person on any day. To create everlasting memorials, an ingenious site has been launched to allow families to be as creative as they see fit when remembering their loved ones. provides a platform where families or friends can create, illustrate and post a celebration of the deceased person's life. This creation of this permanent record is a free service offered by

Obituaries, death notices and funeral services themselves never really tell the whole story of a person's life. It is easy to forget a love one's laugh, smile or mannerisms. These are important traits and ones that can be preserved at

Some families choose to post eulogies and add comments from as many family members as possible. Others fill the site with personal anecdotes so that the deceased stays real and so that future generations can enjoy the lost one they never really knew. is not abut death. It is about remembering how loved ones lived their lives. There are important messages in these reflections and there is even humor that brings allows the memories of a loved one to live on for generations to come. By memorializing the deceased person, a valuable tradition is actually being started, and many friends and family return to the site and post tributes years to come.

People from all corners of the world are beginning to see how advantageous this ingenuous platform is. 5,600 memorials have already been created. 35,159 tributes have been posted. now has more than 14,500 members.

Especially appealing are the capabilities to upload your own music, slides, images, add videos and customize themes. Families should use whatever tools will best portray the loved one's life. Create a chronological description by using photos, family lore and those humorous situations that we love to remember.

Your loved one may be gone but not forgotten. exists so that everyone's life story can be portrayed as the celebration of life that it was. funeral notices and obituaries on their own do not have the ability to create this animated and lasting memorial for many people to charr for years to come.

By following a simple three step process, you will be on the way to making sure your loved one is remembered by all family and friends for years to come. For those who choose to have their loved ones live on in a permanent memorial, offers a unique solution to describe the life story that has recently ended.

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