Imorial: Where Life is Celebrated has established itself as the ideal place where family and friends of a departed loved one can create a permanent record celebrating the life of the lost individual. is the home of nearly 6,000 of these everlasting memorials as well as a site where more than 35,000 tributes to departed ones have been posted.

The traditional grieving methods include obituaries, funeral or death notices, a church or private ceremony, a eulogy and the burial service. For many people, this leaves a certain emptiness with the feeling that there is unfinished business.

In your heart, you want the loved one's life to be celebrated with poignant, meaningful portrayals in a permanent record.

The loss of a close friend or family member often makes us realize how tenuous life can be. Inevitably, we come to appreciate life more but we are saddened by the permanence of death. Yet, we want to remember our lost loved one's smile, laugh and hobbies. We respect the inevitable nature of death but we want our loved one's life to be remembered for the wide range of experiences that marked the life led of our departed friend. offers all the tools necessary to create a powerful and absolutely free everlasting memorial. Users can upload videos, photo images, create slideshows, share condolences and allow other friends and acquaintances to post personal tributes and share memories of their loved ones. All these tributes become part of the everlasting Memorial.

Think about the meaning of this personalized memorial for generations to come. Did you ever wish you knew more about your ancestors?

With the services provided by, future generations will always be able to learn more about their heritage. Families can build these memorials for each lost family member and share the family roots that make families unique.

With these worthy attributes, it is no wonder that Imorial considers Itself a site dedicated to celebrating life rather than to obituaries and funeral notices. Imorial helps keep your special Memories alive.

Now, friends can be invited to participate in creating this living memorial. Another advantage of is that visitors can add comments, ask to upload images or post a tribute at any time. You never know when an old friend might come across something meaningful that would add to your loved one's biography.

If you want to change the grieving process to a positive experience that may just start a family trend of everlasting Memorials posted on, check out what members are saying by visiting the site. You will soon see why is a celebration of life.

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