Concetta ( Connie )  Xuereb's Memorial

Concetta ( Connie ) Xuereb
(1941 - 2014)


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General Details

Name: Mrs Concetta ( Connie ) Xuereb
Maiden Name: Gusman
Gender: Female
Age: 72 years old
Lived: Saturday, 25 October 1941 - Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My Story

Eulogy read by Catherine Sultana.       I first met Connie when I was 8 years old, so I have known her most of my life. This is the Connie I know. Connie Xuereb was a courageous women whose life can best be described in a Quote by Author and Poet Dr. Maya Angelou about Courage.     * One isn't necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. we can't be kind, true, merciful, generous or honest.*      In Connie's case she was born with the potential to develop great courage against all odds but it's the other virtues, being kind, true, merciful, generous and honest that made everyone who knew Connie and all of you here today love her for the person she was.         Connie was born in Tripoli Libya on the 25th. October 1941, it was during WW2 and at the time Tripoli was under Italian Rule. Connie was the 5th. of nine children born to Ricarda and Michelangelo Gusman. Because of the war, Connie's mother could not deliver her at home as was considered too dangerous, so Connie was born in a hospital in Tripoli. Connie's family like all Maltese living in Tripoli at the time, were British Subjects and as Mussolini aligned Italy with Germany, all British Subjects from Tripoli were taken as prisoners of War to Italy, Connie was a toddler at the time and her sisters recall that their mother had great difficaulty feeding the family due to the food shortages in the prisoner's camps.         In 1957, Connie's family migrated to Australia, to live in Melbourne, Connie was 16 years old. Like most teenage children of migrant parents, Connie was sent to work and she chose Clothing manufacturing, she found a job at Texwear Lingerie in the City, she would later also work at Laconia and Keith Courtney. That same year, Connie went to a dance at the Tripoli Club, and it just so happens a young man named Paul Xuereb was also at the dance. Paul noticed Connie and he thought she looked like someone he knew in Malta, or at least that was the line he used to talk to her. From that first meeting, their romance blossomed and they were engaged in 1959. They got married on the 30th. September 1961. Paul and Connie built their first house in Perth Ave. Albion in February 1964. They first became parents on the 18th. December 1962 when Annemarie was born and again on the 14th. April 1971 when Joseph Paul was born. Throughout their married life of 52 years, they have remained extremely close, supportive, and loving. The have shared many happy years together, but Paul and Connie also endured great sadness and loss, losing both their children at a very young age from a congenital heart condition. It was during this difficult time that Connie reached her Potential to develop great courage, although she was suffering as only a mother can, she tried hard to keep it together for Paul's sake. She was young and still learning the role of motherhood, but she also needed to learn how to cope being a mother with special needs, in the 60's and 70's there was not much support available. This was not an easy time for Connie and Paul, the doctors advised Paul and Connie that Joseph was expected to make a full recovery, but tragically he died after surgery aged 4. Annemarie passed away in her sleep aged 16. However from adversity comes great strength , and Connie and Paul rebuilt their lives and enjoyed many happy times, going on many holidays together and also with family and friends, Merimbula was a popular spot for both families. Connie loved beautiful things, she loved fashion and personal grooming and she always dressed well, she had a passion for beautiful cloths. when we were in Malta recently Connie loved to go shopping, we visited the fashion stores, her in the fitting room and me handing her lots of beautiful things to try on, much to Paul's concern she bought them all. Connie loved her house and enjoyed decorating, finding any excuse to buy new ornaments or furniture pieces. Connie also loved to cook, her speciality was a dish called Rishta and it was a favourite with all the family, what a great treat when Connie made it. But mostly Connie Loved life and she loved to laugh, particularly when she was well. Connie loved her family especially all the nieces and nephews from both families, she treated them like her own children and they loved her back. Unfortunately, 4 years ago Connie developed a condition called Scleroderma, a rare skin condition, it took both her and Paul by surprise, and even her doctor had trouble identifying the condition initially. Although Connie became seriously ill, she remained hopeful that she would eventually recover. When in hospital she would allow doctors and student doctors to ask many questions and conduct many tests in the hope they may find a solution to her condition. In June last year Connie had recovered sufficiently to be allowed a holiday, her specialist advised Paul that Connie was well enough to travel. Paul immediately booked a European holiday, first to London then a cruise of Scandinavia and Russia. On their return to London they visited cousins and then flew to Malta. Connie and Paul loved Malta, and the Mediterranean climate suited Connie and she was so well, every day was a good day, and my Charlie in particular loved taking them everywhere on his beloved island. From Malta they went to Sicily, and then went on a Mediterranean cruise through to Italy. What a wonderful opportunity to have done all that and remain well. Sadly on their return, Connie developed a chest infection and within three and a half months, Connie lost her battle. Everyone loved Connie, she was a wonderful wife, mother, sister, sister in law aunty, and friend. She was kind, true, merciful, generous and honest, and although her passing is a great loss to us all, and we shall miss her, she left us a legacy of what can be endured and overcome with Courage. Rest in Peace CONNIE. =================================================================  Farewell Letter to my Beloved Connie.                                                                                    My Dearest Connie, I have been hoping that this day will never come, the day that I have to say my very last farewell to you. During the last fifty five years since I first set my eyes on you, you have been the love of my life, the most amazing person I have ever met. You were loved not only by me, but also by everyone that has ever known you. You stood by me always, and together we have experienced just about everything that this world had to offer, good times and sometimes very sad times. You were an extraordinary mother to our beloved children. The suffering you endured and went through to take care of them during their time they were alive, and never I heard you complain. Your strength and courage has been extraordinary, even in your time of sickness you had hope, faith and always a never ending smile until the very end. Goodbye my Dearest love, You have always been the pride of my life. ALWAYS LOVED AND NEVER FORGOTTEN , Until we are together again.

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Fathers Name: Michelangelo Gusman
Mothers Name: Ricarda Sammut
Spouse's Name: Paul Xuereb
Children's Names: Annemarie and Joseph Paul ( Both Dec.)
Siblings Names: Anthony ( Dec.) Marianna, Michael, Carmela, Sam, Vittoria,( Dec.) Giovanna and Lugrezio.
Country of Residence: Australia
City of Residence: Caroline Springs Victoria
Occupation: Manufacturing/Operations
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Catholic


Favourite Music Genre: Miscellaneous
Favourite Charity: Salvation Army
Other Interests:
Fashion and Decorating


Place of Passing: St. Vincent's Hospital Melbourne
Date of Passing: 15 January 2014
Cause of Passing: Scleroderma, Lung and Heart Failure
Type of Funeral: Burial
Place of Burial: Altona Memorial Park
Plot Number: Blackwood Lawn BBB 12
Funeral Director: Nelson Brothers
Funeral Location: St. Catherine of Sienna Church Caroline Springs
Funeral Date: 21 January 2014

Music - Ave maria

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