Imorial now links online memorials to physical locations with QR codes

Scan this QR code with your smartphone to view the Imorial website
QR Codes (or Quick Response codes) are square barcodes like the one on the left. They can be decoded with a smartphone, using a code-scanning app and the phone's camera. These codes are able to contain much more information than standard barcodes, which makes them effective communications tools. Each code is linked to a specific action, such as calling a phone number or saving contact details, or to a location online, such as a website or video. The code shown above is linked to the Imorial website, which will open in the phone's browser after scanning.

With a free code-scanning app like QR Droid or QR Reader for iPhone, smartphones can recognise QR codes by 'looking' through the phone's camera, without any user action required. Some codes can even be decoded through standard MMS capabilities. This means there is no complicated process to go through, no expense to the user (or little, if using MMS) and no need to fully understand the technology involved. With such an effortless process of engagement, QR codes offer an easy way to link actions or online content with physical markers in the real world.

Imorial is using this functionality to offer QR codes for all online memorials created on the site. A QR code placed on a grave marker, headstone, plaque, card, or service documents can be linked directly to an online memorial created at This will not only make an online memorial easier to find, but will permanently link it to a physical marker - for instance, a gravestone - to ensure future visitors will have the opportunity to appreciate the memories saved online (and contribute their own) for years to come.

This QR code was created by a laser etching, with glass placed over the top.
Credit: Mashable
Around the world, people have begun immortalising their loved ones in online memorials linked to physical resting places through QR codes. Yoav Medan had a QR code etched into his mother's grave in Israel when he could not decide what to write on her gravestone. This gave him more space to work with, and the opportunity to update the information saved online at a later time.

QR Codes are now available on our funeral director online memorial websites. Click here to see an example on Elite Funerals' Online Memorial website.

Physical reminders of our loved ones are no less important in this digital age, but with technology like QR codes available, we now have an opportunity to maintain lasting and evolving tributes to those who have passed away. To find out more about creating QR codes to link physical markers with Imorial's online memorials, visit the Contact page.
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