Xochil Zack, aka Furoche Fortune's Memorial

Xochil Zack, aka Furoche Fortune
(1986 - 2014)


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It does not seem possible that 4 years have come and gone since your passing. You are with me every day. My heart will never mend from your passing... I Honor you, celebrate your Life each and every day. Create Everything Motha https://youtu.be/zXILGCLF778
Since you went away Seems like to me the stars don't shine so bright. Seems like to me the sun has lost its light. Seems like to me there's nothing going right. Since you went away. Since you went away. Seems like to me the sky ain't half so blue. Seems like to me that everything wants you. Seems like to me I don't know what to do. Since you went away. And everything is wrong. The da...
My Darling Boy...it is one year now that you have left us. Your Spirit soars among the Heavens and earth, and within the Hearts of so many. You are with me always, Love Motha
My Loving Son, I was not the same when you lovingly came into my Life, and never will be the same for the great loss of you. Love Forever, Motha