Xochil Zack, aka Furoche Fortune's Memorial

Xochil Zack, aka Furoche Fortune
(1986 - 2014)


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General Details

Name: Xochil Zack, aka Furoche Fortune
Nick Name: Zack
Gender: Male
Age: 27 years old
Lived: Monday, 14 July 1986 - Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My Story

The Passing of my only Son has taken my breathe away.  I am trying to find ways to move forward, maintaining his Legacy of the Music and Art he left behind.  He was a gentle, loving and talented soul.  I am missing him greatly, the void never to be filled...  I will let him speak now, in his own words, what he was about...

"DJ FUROCHE was Xochil (Zack) Fortune, a Brookyn-based tastemaker, designer, entrepreneur and DJ of trap, bass, hip hop classics, dance, and EDM genres. Zack was born in Miami but grew up in Orlando where he was raised on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, skateboarding and BMX. That quickly developed into a love of music at an early age. From punk to hardcore to metal to hip hop, if it was raw, honest and powerful, Zack was into it. Years later, this passion developed into a career of sorts, writing and performing music, touring with various bands and landing DJ gigs in and around Orlando. A businessman in street clothing, Zack started a company on his own now known as SNK SWM that specializes in boutique printing, design and merchandising. After years of building the brand, Zack moved to New York to pursue his dream. During that time he traveled the world as a tech for the Misfits with his friend and mentor, Jerry Only, printed merchandise for A-list celebrities, and developed a substantial following among Brooklyn's underground DJs and party-goers. His enthusiasm and energy has attracted the attention of brands such as WeSC, BURRO as well as performers like Ninjasonik, Skrillex, Juicy J, A$AP Mob and many others with whom he's shared the stage. As DJ FUROCHE, Zack incorporated a wide variety of styles into a genre-bending, crowd-moving, party experience that is appropriate for everything from private parties and corporate events to weekly club nights and block parties. He shared the stage with such notable names as Skrillex, Juicy J, DJ Ynot, DJ Queso, Kittybat, Mot, Black Dave, Ninjasonik, Gangsta Boo, A-trak, DJ Craze, Brodinski, Drop the lime, Tamara Sky, Sean Price, The Misfits, DJ Ayres, Yamez, WC Kids, Raider Klvn, Prince Terrence, Dell Harris, A$AP Mob, Johnny Nelson, Venus X, Metro Zu, DJ Face, DJ Annalog, Tanner Caldwell, Altered Beast, LOLmob, DJ Magic Mike, Mic Handz, F. Stokes, DRI, and Cerebral Vortex in such locations as the Webster hall, Beats by Dre store, WeSC store, Glasslands, Knitting Factory, Club Eve, Carlton hotel, Speakeasy, Mybar, spiderhouse, Goldrush, Club Mekka, Club Roxy, East West Worldwide store, Club TSI, Paperbox, Tammany Hall, Backbooth, Ave A, Lit Lounge, the Flat, the Morgan, High Horse, Burro Bar, Suite B, the Social, and Firestone, among many others."

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Candle Memorial Tribute
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Since you went away Seems like to me the stars don't shine so bright. Seems like to me the sun has lost its light. ...
Stone Memorial Tribute
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My Darling Boy...it is one year now that you have left us. Your Spirit soars among the Heavens and earth, and within...
Incense Memorial Tribute
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My Loving Son, I was not the same when you lovingly came into my Life, and never will be the same for the great loss ...


Fathers Name: Scott V. Fortune
Mothers Name: Cynthia Fortune
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Brooklyn
Occupation: Other
Marital Status: Single


Other Interests:
http://www.furoche.com http://www.furocheforever.com


Place of Passing: Brooklyn, NY
Date of Passing: 11 June 2014
Cause of Passing: Crash at Broadway & Myrtle, Brooklyn, NY
Place of Burial: Glen Haven Memorial Gardens-Tranquil Oaks
Plot Number: U-142
Funeral Location: Winter Park, Florida
Funeral Date: 14 July 2014

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