Writing A Tribute

Writing a tribute is a meaningful way for family members, friends or co-workers to express their feelings and fond remembrances about the departed. When a friend or family member passes away, there always seems to be something more that needs to be said.

In the hectic pace of today, people must continue life but must also mourn the loss of someone special in their lives. At Imorial.com, more than 37,000 tributes have been posted to more than 6,700 online memorials. A visit to these memorials tells the loved one's whole life story.

At funerals, there is always a bit of an edge. Funerals are unhappy times. Sometimes, family members and friends want to say more and they want what they have to say to be a part of a permanent memorial.

At Imorial.com, users can post tributes to memorials that have been created by members. This is the ideal location to say what needs to be said and to relay favorite stories about the departed.

Creating a memorable tribute has a lot more flexibility than creating a eulogy or writing the obituary. Tributes are very personal creations. Today, at Imorial.com, the author can attach photos and share stories with other interested visitors. These tributes can be posted at any time so there is no deadline pressure.

A tribute is much less formal than an obituary. The author should always be about the departed, not about the author. Whether the content is serious or humorous, the subject of the tribute should be tasteful and respectful.

That does not mean that the tribute has a defined format or that it must be rigid. It does mean that the content should tell the reader something special about the departed. Shared stories are great entertainment and put life into the tribute. Humor is the most powerful medicine so feel free to inject humor into the life story.

People who write the most meaningful tributes share their experiences with the audience. The tribute will be timeless and should include school remembrances, career experiences, sporting events or travel stories.

Each photos tells its own story. At Imorial.com the uploading of pictures is simple, as is the process of creating a memorial. If the author has something to say, Imorial.com is an ideal location to post a permanent record of your respect for your friend or family member. The departed has left us but Imorial.com wants to help make sure that he or she is never forgotten.

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