How to Create an Online Memorial

Like just about everything else, memorials are now created using advanced Internet technology. These memorials keep families together as they cope with the grief of a loss. The creation of an online memorial gives everyone the opportunity to convey their fondest memories or important life lessons that characterized the departed.

At, the user can create a personalized and customized memorial that will be everlasting. At this site, the memorial can be up and running in no time and at no cost.

The cost factor is just one incentive to create the online memorial. Once the site is created, family members and friends and long-lost friends can post a tribute that has been well-considered.

For the creation of the enduring memorial, the obituary notice and funeral arrangements can be posted as well as photographs, slideshows, albums or videos. The memorial can also contain instructions for those visitors who wish to make contributions in the memory of the departed one.

To see exactly how the memorials appear, please visit While reviewing the site, new visitors will notice how certain memorials are presented. This will help the originator create the most fitting memorial. provides the person creating the memorial with a step-by-step process. The first step is to choose the memorial name. The second step allows the originator to setup the details and select the layout for the memorial and make original postings. The third step is to notify family and friends of the memorial address.

These visitors should always be encouraged to post their own tributes, photos or videos as well as written tributes in the honor of the lost individual. The online memorial is sure to keep the departed person in the hearts and minds of those close to departed's family members and friends.

The memorial will serve as a permanent meeting place where reminiscing is enjoyed by all. There is bound to be grief with every loss but our loved ones would want the living to enjoy each day of their time on earth. was created so that loved ones and families would have an everlasting meeting place to honor their lost. The memorials started at this site are much more than simple death notices. The memorials are proactive and encourage a response. The more responses there are, the more powerful the memorial will be.

The site must be doing something right. There are now more than 15,000 members, more than 6,700 online memorials and more than 37,000 tributes posted at The numbers are large but the fact is that most people have their own way of paying tribute to long-time friends.

Today's funeral practices do not seem the proper venue for such personalized information. If you have something to say or an anecdote that is meaningful, is your opportunity to participate in the everlasting memorial in honor of your lost friend or family member.

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