An Online Memorial Helps With Grief

After a loss of a loved one, their is always shock and grief. Even if the passing was not unexpected, we always have those empty feelings of helplessness and despair. Grief is a highly personal experience for each of us. was created to offer a lasting, online memorial for our friends and loved ones. Now, there is a way to express our favorite remembrance, share our favorite stories, photos and even videos about the deceased. allows us to post tributes when the time is right, not in the shadow of the funeral service.

Through this unique venue, more than 35,000 tributes have been posted in memory of loved ones and friends. These tributes are a celebration the life of our friend or family member. Contributors really appreciate the flexible time allowed to consider a lasting tribute that can prove so meaningful to everyone who knew the deceased.

Now, there is no need to rush. Now, the contributor can find that photo from long ago, create a powerful poem or post a copy of a letter shared so long ago.

Sometimes, after the passing of our friend, we are so shocked, in such a state of disbelief that the right words, the most meaningful tributes just do not come to mind. After a while, as we think about the deceased, we can better paint the picture we want. Then, we simply locate the online memorial, which is usually created by a friend or family member, and we then post or tribute along with any special affects. is more than a site for online memorials. It is a place where we can both share our deepest of most light-hearted remembrances and ease our grieving in the process.

The presentations can be highly personalized. However contributors choose to express themselves, they should be themselves. You might be surprised by the various emotions conveyed by various tributes.

You might laugh. You might cry. But, you will certainly feel part of the memorial and welcome to express your own story. That is what grieving is. Through the respect we pay to our deceased on, we learn to treasure the gift of life that we still enjoy. is truly a special experience for everyone.

Our Wishing Well