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Adrian Shelton
(1974 - 2011)


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General Details

Name: Mr Adrian Shelton
Gender: Male
Age: 37 years old
Lived: Wednesday, 13 February 1974 - Saturday, 16 April 2011

My Story

Four years ago on a website called MySpace a man clicked on my photo and added me to his friends.  Little did I know when I accepted his friendship did I think I would meet the man of my dreams.  After chatting for nine months we realised that we were in love.  Adrian won my heart and I convinced him to move to Queensland.  Meeting him at the airport I knew we had made the right choice.  We fell in love and moved in together.  Then on 29th September 2009 we disovered that we were going to be parents.  We were so excited but Adrian started feeling unwell with headaches and dizziness.  On 30th Deember 2009 we were told Adrian had a brain tumour.  He went through surgery only to be rushed back to hospital from an infection.  He was so strong   He endured months of antibiotics.  He was so exited about being a daddy and would read to his unborn child every night.  He was so brave during his radiation which finished the week before our baby was due.  He stayed with me during the 17 hour labour.  Until it was time to push when he went a pale shade of green and waited outside till his son was born.  He glowed with pride when he held his baby boy for the first time.  He was at the hospital everyday.  Even when we came home he was very hands on with his son.  Then in September 2010 Adrian proposed to me, it was so romantic.  He got down on his knee and was so nervous.  As if I would say no.  We set the wedding date and decided to get married in the Registry office.  We wanted a small wedding and were so excited.  As December 3rd drew closer Adrian seemed to lose strength in  his right arm.  After going to the hospital Adrian was admitted and less than a week before our wedding he was released with the news that Adrian's cancer had advanced.  We were devestated but had the most beautiful wedding we could have imagined.  The day after the wedding my husband left me and flew with his sister to Adelaide where  his family live.  He was determined to live and was trying a natural theraphy and diet.  A week later I joined him.  We lived with his family and enjoyed every moment together.  He was looking so healthy even though he started losing other motor skills and use of his right leg.  He stayed positive and was determined to conquer his illness.  Unfortunately in mid February Adrian developed blood clots in his lungs and was hospitalised for a week.  It was then we realised that Adrian was detoriating.  I was losing my husband.  He was so brave throughout the whole experience.  In the last few weeks Adrian was bedridden.  He needed us to do everything for him but he kept his sense of humour to the end.  On the 16 th April 2011 at 4am whilest I slept beside him holding his hand,  my darling Adrian took his last breath.  That last day the house was full of love .  He will forever be in our hearts.

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Heart Memorial Tribute
From: Yourmum
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I cannot believe that you have been gone for 6 years my darling son. Every morning & night I pick up your photo from ...
Candle Memorial Tribute
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Six years today since you passed over. I know your spirit lives on Adrian and you are looking over us. Hope you are s...
Heart Memorial Tribute
From: Yourmum
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My darling son Adrian - every day I talk to you , even after more than 5 years. I still can't believe that you are go...
Comment Memorial Tribute
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Today is 5 years since you were taken away from us. You were only here for a short time but you made the most of it. ...
Candle Memorial Tribute
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Four years today since your passing Adrian. The flame will never die. Always in our hearts and minds. Bless you gorge...
Heart Memorial Tribute
From: Yourmum
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Four years have gone since you left us mate - we miss you so much. I feel you here with us every day . Lots of thing...
Flower Memorial Tribute
From: Yourmum
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Happy birthday son. Another year & we are missing you more than ever. You are missed by all your family & friends. Yo...
Memory Memorial Tribute
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You would have been 41 today my beautiful baby brother. I remember teaching you 'how to drive' my first car when I wa...
Flower Memorial Tribute
From: Yourmum
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Another year has gone mate - it's now 2015 . Dad & I speak of you every day , you will never be forgotten. We had a p...
Comment Memorial Tribute
From: missyoumore
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hey mate i been thinking about u alot i still remember your smile and your cute smile i just wish i could just pi...
Stone Memorial Tribute
From: Yourmum
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Mother's Day 2014 has been and gone & I missed you so much. If I could have a wish it would be to see you and get one...
Comment Memorial Tribute
From: NAOMI24
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Dear new friend, My name is Naomi a good looking girl.I have a special reason of contacting you which i will make...


Fathers Name: Laurie Shelton
Mothers Name: Bev Shelton
Spouse's Name: Shannette Shelton
Children's Names: Jarryd Shelton
Siblings Names: John, Debbie, Donna and Tracey
Country of Birth: Australia
Country of Residence: Australia
City of Residence: Brisbane
Occupation: Other
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Not Religious


Favourite Sport: Bowling
Favourite Team: Geelong Cats
Favourite Book: The Electric Kool Acid Test
Favourite Movie: South Park Movie
Favourite Music Genre: Dance/Electronic
Favourite Artist: Many
Other Interests:
Loved watching Youtube, sitting on the internet, watching all sports on TV. Loved going on long walks and reading.


Place of Passing: Adelaide SA
Date of Passing: 16 April 2011
Cause of Passing: Brain Cancer
Type of Funeral: Memorial-Adelaide Chapel service-Brisbane
Place of Burial: The Great Southern Garden of Rememberance
Plot Number: Row S 30
Funeral Director: Traditional Funerals - Michelle Moore
Funeral Location: Mt Cotton
Funeral Date: 29 April 2011

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