Patricia Shane Wyckoff's Memorial

Patricia Shane Wyckoff
(1930 - 2012)


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From: Jorgen
In this moment of silence I look back on the year of 1968 when I came to Greenville as the fourth teenager in your family. That year was a tremendous eye-opener for me and had great impact on my life. You and your family took a chance and we all won. You became my Mom for a year – and it might seems strange for some but ever since you were “Mom” for me. You made things happen. Despite the dista...
From: Dsting
Wayne and I were remembering the care and love you showered on us when you visited and shopped and travelled with us to find just the right combination of furniture and accessories and color for our formal living room. I remember so fondly the summer I swam in your pool in Kalamazoo and enjoyed your hospitality. I love you and your warmth and welcome and remember with such joy and gratitude t...
From: KayBabcock
Message from Marcia Zuziak Dear Mark, Kay, and Wendy We are never really prepared for the loss of a loved one, especially a Mother. Nothing can ever fill the space in which she once existed, or the void she left behind. She continues to exist through you, your children and grandchildren. You hear here laugh in the echoes of your childrens voices, you see her smile in the corner of the...