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Mary Mom Hatfield
(1949 - 2009)


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General Details

Name: Mrs Mary Mom Hatfield
Nick Name: Mom
Maiden Name: Mace
Gender: Female
Age: 60 years old
Lived: Sunday, 10 April 1949 - Saturday, 6 June 2009

My Story

my mom  how can you put this wonderful woman into words to describe her

Latest Tributes

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Memory Memorial Tribute
From: heavensrose
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she told me before she ddied mary baby i worry about you most i havent got much to give you but my strength baby wil...
Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
From: heavensrose
Song Name: sissy's song
Artist: alan jackson
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i know your looking down from heaven and telling us dont worry about me
Heart Memorial Tribute
From: Rose38
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this is for aall the love people have for her hun, keep strong as mom would want you too .
Candle Memorial Tribute
From: Rose38
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Rou are in our prayers mary and family, may you feel no more pain.
Flower Memorial Tribute
From: Rose38
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God bless you hun.
Candle Memorial Tribute
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All my thoughts and prayers are with your family.
Incense Memorial Tribute
From: heavensrose
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Fathers Name: john otto mace
Mothers Name: wanda sparks
Spouse's Name: gordon wendal hatfield
Children's Names: mary, kaycee, becky, jessica ,melissa,chris,robbie,rita and randy
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: excelsior springs mo
Occupation: Other
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Other



Place of Passing: her home
Date of Passing: 6 June 2009
Cause of Passing: Cancer
Type of Funeral: memorial
Place of Burial: levenworth national cemetary
Plot Number: 53 -13
Funeral Location: levenworth kansas
Funeral Date: 10 June 2009
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