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Anthony Tony Amor
(1964 - 2009)


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General Details

Name: Mr Anthony Tony Amor
Gender: Male
Age: 44 years old
Lived: Monday, 7 December 1964 - Tuesday, 27 October 2009

My Story

Tony was a great person. He deserved anthing and everything he got. He was a hard worker. He had worked for the local 75 insulators forquite sometime. He was a great father to his family. No one can say that he didn't know how to have a good time.

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Fathers Name: Dale Amor
Mothers Name: Maryann Amor
Spouse's Name: Amy Amor
Children's Names: Tyler McGookin(son), Aleesha Amor(daughter), Haleigh Amor(daughter)
Siblings Names: Chris Yeager(sister), Holly Amor(sister), Monique Judy(sister) Danny Amor(brother) 3 not listed
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Walkerton
Occupation: Construction
Marital Status: Married


Favourite Movie: Not his favorite but the last one he wanted to see was "Echelon Conspiracy"
Favourite Music Genre: Rock
Favourite Artist: AC/DC
Other Interests:
Shooting the 22 long rifle...not sure ifhe like doing it but i think heenjoyed watching me shoot.... and usually miss.


Place of Passing: Norte Dame College
Date of Passing: 27 October 2009
Cause of Passing: Sudded Heart Attack
Type of Funeral: Cremation
Funeral Director: Mr. John Hanley
Funeral Location: Walkerton, and Southbend, Indiana
Funeral Date: 31 October 2009
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