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Talon Tso
(Unknown - Unknown)


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General Details

Name: Talon Tso
Gender: Male
Lived: Unknown - Unknown

My Story

whaaag whaaag keeertwizzzleefuck!!! im talon! the muthafukkin staliion! im so weird. so deal with it =] i am everywhere, thoroughly mixed into humanity, walking among us. i have done everything and have been everyone. i have an angel that merges inside of me , no individual personality. fillled with neverending love, yet so detached from me. what shall fill the gap between what is past and what is too come ? its the most important question...who am i ? and where am i from? i know the many things that i am not,i see thru everyones lies. i am everything, i am the one; i am the many. i am everyone n everywhere! its difficult to seperate one voice, one identity, the one thing that really matters, from the new vastness which i have become. savoring your fading memories, yearning for attachment and egos control. old dreams drift steadily out of site, like last summers darkened nights. come inside little forgotten one,for there is room for all. i am the many you seee, doo you dare to come n play with me? embrace the angel and we become the one. im a fragment of a star! personality no more! im merged in 3rd dimensional body, my mind gets larger, n everything transforms from world to realm. i could fill the sky just by breathing and expanding into all that i truly am. i am the planets, i am the stars, radiating, pulseating, worlds within worlds. i am a dimensional doorway and a pillar of light. i am a beam of the great central sun, i am whole, i am one!!... what does your lil mind think of that ay ??

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From: crayolaluffsyou
Song Name: Forever and Always
Artist: Bullet for my Val...
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i miss you more than ill ever understand :/ <33 love you


Mothers Name: Andrea Hobbs
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Tucson


Favourite Music Genre: Dance/Electronic


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