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Stephen Ross Marsh
(1955 - 1997)


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General Details

Name: Mr Stephen Ross Marsh
Nick Name: Marshy, Snake, Swampy
Gender: Male
Age: 42 years old
Lived: Thursday, 19 May 1955 - Friday, 11 July 1997

My Story

Daughters memory...

Son to Erica Pearsell only brother to Lee.  Mum (Carol )and dad meet when he was 18 she was soon to be 18.. dad and mum had 3 children in order michael ross, aaron stephen & myself natasha christine, they married in 1983 feb 12th  when i was 5..

Dad had an amazing amount of friends to many to name, he was no 1 fan of the west coast eagles, and he loved harley davidson.s

Dad and mum had split when i had just turned 14, and everything had changed.

He went with another lady, i was only allowed to see him secretly.

On the 10th July my dad had called me at night to tell me he loved me and to look after my children, he sounded so different.

The next day i got a call but was kept in the dark ,the message was to come over to my uncles house asap, so we went to collect my mum and after i hounded her with whats going on she told me that my dad had killed himself, I DID NOT believe her and thought he was playing a joke, as we reached my uncles home, i had jumped out while the car was pulling into the drive way and i rushed around the house calling dad dad, i was being told to sit down its all gonna be ok i was saying this wasnt a very nice joke, i was histerical..

I was told earlier that morning my dad had been found, why why why i kept asking , it was over the lady, he couldnt take the drama anymore, i couldnt believe he left me MY DAD, MY HERO. i was daddys little princess and even at the age of 19 i was still his princess.. from then on my world had changed..

My only uncle was not the same, my nana had changed, my family had been ripped apart, i was alone....

Its been nearly 12 yrs and i miss him so much, i still wonder what if, how come, would he be proud.
How i wish he was still here he was loved and liked, he had a great sense of humour , theres so much i could say about him..

Dear dad, everyday your thought of and i still cry for you, some days it can be anger for you leaving me alone, but somedays its just beacuse i need ahug from you, photos i have not many but memorys i have i keep them tucked inside my heart, i love you so very much and miss you with all my heart..


Loved wife of carol loved father and grandad,  loved brother inlaw to not just one but 3 to be precise, loved brother and son, uncle & great uncle and cousin to many, loved friend to so many i lost count .
 you were an amazing man my hero MY DAD!!!


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Candle Memorial Tribute
From: diconzatribe
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Always in our hearts, and thoughts. Now in contact with the little brother Gavin. Marsh Family reunited xooxo
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From: NAOMI24
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Dear new friend, My name is Naomi a good looking girl.I have a special reason of contacting you which i will make...
Heart Memorial Tribute
From: diconzatribe
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for my dad


Fathers Name: Gordan Maxwell Marsh aka Maxwell Gordan Marsh
Mothers Name: Erica Jessie Pearsell
Spouse's Name: Carol J Spence
Children's Names: Michael,Aaron ,Natasha & Gavin
Siblings Names: Lee Maxwell Marsh
Country of Birth: Australia
Country of Residence: Australia
City of Residence: Perth
Occupation: Transport & Logistics
Marital Status: Other
Religion: Atheist


Favourite Sport: Football
Favourite Team: West Coast Eagles
Other Interests:
Music- Cat Stevens, Kevin Bloody Wilson, and more


Place of Passing: place of residence in High Wycombe Perth W.A
Date of Passing: 11 July 1997
Cause of Passing: Took Own Life :(
Place of Burial: guildford cemetery
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