Sombattsiri Sombat Na Pattalung's Memorial

Sombattsiri Sombat Na Pattalung
(1926 - 1992)


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General Details

Name: Dr Sombattsiri Sombat Na Pattalung
Gender: Male
Age: 66 years old
Lived: Wednesday, 2 June 1926 - Sunday, 14 June 1992

My Story

Dr. Sombattsiri Na Pattalung was born as the eldest of six children. He lived  a simple life as a child. When he got older, he decided to study law at Thammasat University. He had his own law office, and was a practicing lawyer for several years.

He met his wife, Sri-saard, a registered nurse, when he was one of her patients at the hospital. Her compassion and gentleness won him over and he asked her to marry him. They had two children, a boy and a girl. when the children grew up, the boy was a computer expert and the girl became a teacher.

Dr. Sombattsiri loved travelling and travelled extensively during his lifetime. He has been to  The Philliphines, Canada, America, Mexico, etc.  He did his doctorate degree in law  and always enjoyed learning on his own, via books, radio, television or life experiences.

He was very sociable and had many friends. He always stayed in close contact with all of his relatives and friends. He could always be counted on to help them when they were in need.

Unbeknownst to a lot of people that knew him, Dr. Sombattsiri had sixth sense, was a psychic, and often knew about  things before they happened. He was able to see and communicate with deceased relatives and friends.

After he passed away, in  June, his spirit went to visit many of his relatives and friends, in dreams, and in spirit.

R.I.P.  Dr. Sombattsiri Na Pattalung

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Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
From: Nock
Song Name: I did it my way
Artist: Elvis Presley
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Dr. Sombattsiri, you were always your own person and you always stood up for ...
Incense Memorial Tribute
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May the thoughts and memories of you never be forgotten in the hearts and minds of those who knew you, while you were...
Rice Wine Memorial Tribute
From: Nock
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You are a very kind and loving human being. May your spirit rest in peace, in Heaven up above.


Mothers Name: Kahn
Spouse's Name: Sri-saard
Children's Names: Thid and Sadit
Siblings Names: Mona,Lek, Sri, Sawee and Suree
Country of Birth: Thailand
Country of Residence: Thailand
City of Residence: Pattalung
Occupation: Legal
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Buddhist


Favourite Book: Law Books
Favourite Movie: Gandhi
Favourite Charity: Old people's homes
Other Interests:
travelling, different religions, law books, watching movies about historical people, modern technology, sightseeing, etc.


Place of Passing: Bangkok
Date of Passing: 14 June 1992
Cause of Passing: brain tumour
Type of Funeral: cremation
Place of Burial: A Buddhist temple
Funeral Director: Relatives and friends
Funeral Location: Temple
Funeral Date: 21 June 1992
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