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Helen Floyd
(1927 - 2010)


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General Details

Name: Helen Floyd
Nick Name: Mos
Maiden Name: Tate
Gender: Female
Age: 82 years old
Lived: Sunday, 28 August 1927 - Saturday, 7 August 2010

My Story

             AUGUST 7, 2014 - FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE - YOUTBE                      VIDEO: (COPY & PASTE)   http://youtu.be/OqckCKykV6I 



                                                      Sunday August 7, 2011 - 10:00am 
                                                         Weeping Mary Baptist Church 
                                                            Bowling Green SC 29703   

                                 ~~~ Please wear the color PURPLE in memory of Mos ~~~

Remarks given by grandson Steven Jamison during funeral services for Helen "Mos" Floyd on August 12, 2010 at Weeping Mary Baptist Church in Bowling Green SC:

I once read a poem that describes a person walking through a graveyard looking at the tombstones and reading the inscriptions. After spending quite a bit of time looking, it occurred to this person that every single tombstone was inscribed with a date of birth followed by the date that the person passed away. Inserted between these two dates was a small dash. There on every tombstone was the little dash which represented the TIME spent from birth until death. That little line seemed so insignificant that it was often overlooked yet it has so much meaning. The first inscription date representing your birth date belongs to God. He knew what day he wanted our life to begin. God gave my grandmother life on August 28, 1927. On that day God also knew what that second Inscription date would be. Her life on this earth would end on August 7, 2010. But that line in between … that little line in between He gave that to her.... That line in between those dates belonged to my grandmother to do what she Pleased. That little dash represents all the time that my grandmother spent alive here on earth and Now only those who LOVED her and KNEW her know what that little line was ever worth. This is the common bond that I share with each of you ….A bond that you share with everyone that has gathered here today. For my grandmother, her line represents 83 years....

Everyday that she was allowed to wake up was a blessing to her. The last thing she did at night - when she was able - was to get down on her knees by her bed and whisper a little prayer to Jesus. And then the first thing that she did when she woke up the next morning up was to get back down on her knees again and thank Jesus for another day. We know that she was aware of her physical condition but she never spoke of it… never claimed it. Whenever anyone asked her how she was doing her answer was always the same “I’m Holding On” Not a SINGLE day did she waste in sorrow or self pity. She never complained. To my grandmother a new day was another opportunity to be fruitful as a Christian. Another day to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Another day to read her bible or play a game of Bingo or Checkers. Another day to watch her favorite TV shows “Who wants to be a Millionaire!” or “Sanford and Son” Another day to talk with her baby sister Lillie. Another day to laugh and reminisce with us about the good ole days in the old house. Another day to sit quietly on the pond and fish…..

But what did she really mean when she talked about “Holding On”??

Whenever there was a thunderstorm Mos would always turn off the TV or Radio and sit quietly at the foot of her bed until it passed over. As a little boy I really didn’t like that too much… I wanted to play …. And it was bad enough that I couldn’t be outside … but then inside the house I was asked to sit quietly until the storm passed over…. It was hard to wait even though I knew that soon I would be able to go back outside and play again…

A Storm was moving in my grandmothers life,  The last storm she would ever have to endure. The winds were blowing but she was not afraid….. The Floods were flowing but she was holding on to her faith…… The lightening was flashing but she in prayer……The sky was filled with darkness but the Lord was keeping her safe… The Thunder was booming but God was her Peace. Just like she did back then, Mos waited on the Lord… She knew that Her storm would soon pass over and the sun would shine again. We waited with her.  She knew she had fought the good fight. She knew that it was time for her to get her reward. Yet even then I believe it was difficult for her to leave a family that She loved so much and that loved her back Even more.

Philippians Chapter 1 verses 20-23 reads: 20 I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death. 21 For to me, to Live is Christ and to Die is gain. 22 If I am to go on living in the body, this will mean fruitful labor for me. Yet what shall I choose? I do not know! 23 I am torn between the two: I desire to depart and be with Christ, which is better by far;

To my family I want to say that Mos didn’t want to choose. The thought of leaving Us must have just as painful to her as it was for all of us. Thankfully she didn’t have to choose because God already had her date inscribed in TIME. God already knew the Date….. God already knew the Time. I am proud of you for remembering what Mos taught us all over the past 83 years…. how be a good Christians, how to love one another, how to be generous and respectful to each other, how to show compassion and humility. But most of all Mos taught us Courage and Confidence and Grace while her Storm labored all around her. The peace of God was in her spirit Even until the moment we held her and watched her take her last breath. But I know the moment she left us was the moment she was with our other loved ones in Heaven. So now I thank God that when my grandmother opens those Beautiful Eyes each morning, She does not need to whisper a little prayer to Jesus because She is right there with Him.

Rest in Peace Mos.

I love you.
Helen "Mos" Floyd Obituary:

Mrs. Helen Tate Floyd is the oldest Daughter of the late Mr. Sam Tate and Marie Douglas Tate. She was the wife of the late John Lee Floyd, and mother of six children: Barbara Jamison, Marjorie McDowell(Robert), Johnny Floyd , Richard Floyd (Benita), Jackie Chalk (Bobby) and Tarsha Sanders, and one deceased son - Reggie Floyd (twin of Richard).

Fifteen grandchildren, Steven Jamison, Stephanie Walker, Samantha Jamison, Moses "Danky" Carter, Jermeka Harris, Robert  "Fella" McDowell, Jr., Courtney McDowell, Cheneka Floyd, Stacey Floyd, Johntae Floyd, Reggernald Floyd, Ashley Chalk, Bobby Chalk, Jr., Daricka Sanders and Amber Green.

Eighteen great-grandchildren, Jessica, Tyler, Joshua, Erica, Sydney, Kayla, Fletcher, Telia, Ashley, Chase, Payton, Collin, Gregory, Bryan, Little Phillip, Chavis, Quan and Mercedes.

Mos had two younger sisters: Alice Mae (deceased) and Lille Bell (Jack).  As a child she was raised around Liberty Hill AME Zion Church and New Home AME Zion in York County SC. She often told stories of the long walks to church on Sunday mornings. Their mother - Marie - who was sick for many years  - asked Helen to take care of the youngest sibling, Lillie Bell. She passed away when Helen was 18 years old and Lille Bell was about 9 years old. Helen kept her promise and raised her little sister and to the very end, they shared a very close and special bond. Helen is lovely referred to as "Mos"  (pronounced Muz) by her children, grandchildren, and friends. The neighbors called her Mrs. Mos. The name "Mos" came about when she tried to teach her firstborn child - Barbara - to call her "Mother", unfortunately she had to settle instead for "Mos".

Mos was a very caring person. She opened her home to family members and friends when they needed a place to live. Besides God, her next great love was fishing. Most of her children didn't like fishing so she would pay them a quarter to walk with her to the fish pond. Until her death she sought out every opportunity to fish with her grandson Steven who shares an equal love for fishing. Mos always lived a simple life. She loved to cook and work in her flower garden. She loved animals and shared a special affection for "Pepper" (a black chow) and Addie" (a golden cocker spaniel).  Mos also loved attending Sunday School and Sunday worship services at Weeping Mary Baptist Church to hear the Word of the God. 

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Fathers Name: Sammy Tate
Mothers Name: Marie Douglas Tate
Spouse's Name: John Lee Floyd
Children's Names: Barbara, Marjorie, Johnny, Richard, Reggie, Jackie, Tarsha
Siblings Names: Alice Mae Floyd, Lillie Floyd
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Bowling Green SC
Occupation: Other
Marital Status: Widowed
Religion: Born Again Christian


Favourite Book: The Holy Bible
Favourite Music Genre: Christian & Gospel
Other Interests:
Fishing Cooking Gardening Loves Animals


Place of Passing: Robbin Johnson Hospice House Dallas NC
Date of Passing: 7 August 2010
Cause of Passing: Pancreatic Cancer
Type of Funeral: Traditional Christian
Place of Burial: Weeping Mary Baptist Church Bowling Green SC
Funeral Director: Wright Funeral Home York SC
Funeral Location: Bowling Green SC
Funeral Date: 12 August 2010


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