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Sheryl Ann Davies
(1959 - 2006)


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General Details

Name: Mrs Sheryl Ann Davies
Nick Name: Shez, Teg, Warwar
Maiden Name: Harrison
Gender: Female
Age: 47 years old
Lived: Sunday, 4 January 1959 - Friday, 12 May 2006

My Story

Sheryl, dont call me cheryl. Mumma was a legand, she was only 6 years old when her father pasted away from a brain hemerage. Nanna was left back in the day, widowed with three kids 8, 6, and 4, not an easy task. It was from this point on i beleive mum went from lovely girly, girl, to a wild tom boy. Mum would tell me of the fun times they use to have as a kid camping with not just The family but extended family too. She spoke about playing ludo with uncles and aunts.

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Comment Memorial Tribute
From: NAOMI24
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Dear new friend, My name is Naomi a good looking girl.I have a special reason of contacting you which i will make k...
Heart Memorial Tribute
From: nay
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Hi Mumma, All this is pretty hard hey? I could do with your advice or just a cuddle. I miss you soooo much, i hope yo...
Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
From: nay
Song Name: Hurt
Artist: Christina Aguilera
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Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face U told me how proud u were,...
Candle Memorial Tribute
From: nay
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Merry Christmas Mumma! I really miss you heaps, It's just not the same without you. the girls had a great time and th...
Stone Memorial Tribute
From: nay
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I know u would be so pleased with us kids. I'm working on a boat, u would luv it, Russ is still the best dam tiler we...
Heart Memorial Tribute
From: nay
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Mumma, It's not long till xmas now & i have our tree up & decorated i just need to put up the lights now. I have the ...
Comment Memorial Tribute
From: krisnrus
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miss you heaps sheryl can u look after my dad up there dont let him hit on ya tell him your family so he cant.xoxoxox...
Memory Memorial Tribute
From: nay
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Russ and i were playing around and mum was i a fowel mood. She stood at the back door and shouted at us to cut it out...
Comment Memorial Tribute
From: nay
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Hiya Mumma, I miss you so much. The girls are doing great, we just had Cassie's third birthday and Jazzy's 1st. so pr...
Flower Memorial Tribute
From: nay
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hiya mumma, Its been 3 years & not a moment passes i dont think of u. So much is happening here, We not only have a ...


Fathers Name: Noel
Mothers Name: Elsie
Spouse's Name: Richard
Children's Names: Renee, Russell, Trevor
Siblings Names: Denise, Mark, Sean
Country of Birth: Australia
Country of Residence: Australia
Marital Status: Married


Favourite Sport: Cricket
Favourite Team: Australia
Favourite Movie: Adam Sandler,
Favourite Music Genre: Pop
Favourite Artist: Hunters and collecters, roachford, coldplay
Favourite Charity: Men at work, Supertramp


Place of Passing: Home, 3 Army ave Tanilba bay
Date of Passing: 12 May 2006
Cause of Passing: Lung cancer
Type of Funeral: Cremation
Funeral Director: David Lloyd Funerals
Funeral Location: Berisfield
Funeral Date: 16 May 2006
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