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sarah elizabeth farrell
(1985 - 1992)


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General Details

Name: Miss sarah elizabeth farrell
Nick Name: angel
Age: 6 years old
Lived: Wednesday, 11 December 1985 - Friday, 22 May 1992

My Story

sarah elizabeth farrell  was a beuatiful little girl. she was shy, fun-loving, giggly , generous loving and friendly. My little cousin she was 3 years younger than me. she was just six years old when she was taken from us. she and her younger twin brothers were out at chorlton water park playing in the sun and splashing around. she dissapeared  from sight, and wasn't senn until nine hours later when her devastated family was told of her being found in the water. she had drown. she is so sadly missed and will never be forgotten. her smile beams from her photographs like a rainbow on a rainy day and her presence is as strong as ever. she will be forever  young and forever our angel. all our love sweetheart, your heartbroken family.xxxxx       sarah had always wanted a little sister as she was a girly girl and  as much as she loved her brothers, she wanted another girl in the family to share all things pink. just a couple of weeks before sarah died her mum went into premature labour and gave birth to that little siter. our family did and still does believe this was divine intervention, gods way of sarah meeting her much wanted sister before he sent his angels to collect  our princess.  on sarahs head stone it reads "a beautiful flower, lent not given, to bud on earth but to bloom in heaven"  there was never a truer word spoken. carry on blooming sweet angel. and look after chloe, heavens newest angel. another princess for you to play with. god bless, rest in peace sweetheart.xxxxxxxx

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Mothers Name: kay farrell
Siblings Names: jonathan, jamie, rachael and daniel.
Country of Birth: England
Country of Residence: England



Place of Passing: chorlton water park, chorlton cum hardy.u.k
Date of Passing: 22 May 1992
Cause of Passing: drowning
Type of Funeral: burial
Place of Burial: chorlton cemetery. manchester. u.k
Funeral Location: chorlton cum hardy. southern cemetery.
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