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(1938 - 2008)


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General Details

Gender: Female
Age: 69 years old
Lived: Friday, 1 July 1938 - Saturday, 8 March 2008

My Story

Her name is SAJEDA BEGUM. She born in a Khadem family in Akhaoura,Brahmanbaria in Bangladesh. She was the oldest daughter of Late Mr. and Mrs Taleb Ali Khadem. She had 7 siblings 3 sisters and 4 brothers. She was married to our loving father Late Mr. M.A. Hannan. She was dedicated mother to all of us(5 brothers and 4 sisters). We all pray for her.

Our mother was a great teacher. She taught us as much as she could starting from English/Bangali alphabets, numbers manipulation such as addition, multiplication etc. I (Alam) still remember how she used to teach me multiplication(Namta). Those teachings helped me to build my base of Math.

She was helper and problem solver.We were closer to our mother than father. We could tell her any problems and she would try her best to solve it. I(Alam) still remeber when I used to be stomach sick and was unable to study. She used to rub my stomach until I feel better.

She was a great cooker without recipe book.Our father used to say that he could not find anyone who cooks like our mother. Our mother knew what we liked to eat. She cooked favoute items for each of us when she was able to cook. 

All her life, she never thought about anything except her children. sometimes, she even fought our father in order to make us happy.

We can not believe she is gone from us so fast. In december 25, I(Alam) got a call at 11:35pm. My mother told me she is feeling unwell. That was the start of her fight for life. I(Alam) remeber when oncologist broke the news to me that her biopsy came positive and then My mother asked a simple but hard question to me "Doctor ki koyche? Ami bachtam na?" I hold my tears and paused  few mins before I answered "Bachben, chinta koyren na" . Oncologist told me it is in advance stage and he was worried about her age and heart condition.

I(Alam) will never forget one thing that she told "Phone koyro, bhalo lage tumi phone korle". I was not happy when she did not come to visit me or stay with me. It could have been better. Only Allah knows the best.

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Fathers Name: Late Mr. Taleb Ali Khadem
Mothers Name: Late Mrs. Alsumun Nesa
Country of Birth: Bangladesh
Country of Residence: Canada
City of Residence: Toronto
Religion: Islam



Place of Passing: Scarborough GENERAL Hospital
Date of Passing: 8 March 2008
Cause of Passing: Lung failure
Type of Funeral: public Muslim funeral
Place of Burial: Pickering,ON
Plot Number: Private
Funeral Director: Imam, Nugget Mosque
Funeral Location: Nugget Mosque, Markham, ON
Funeral Date: 9 March 2008
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