Ron  Andre's Memorial

Ron Andre
(1949 - 2009)


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From: MichaelWolfe
I stopped at the Deland, FL skydive center last week to make a long overdue contact with Ron. Ron's last dive there was in 2006. I am grateful that I was able to locate this very well prepared memorial but saddened to learn of Ron's passing. As expressed in other memorials, Ron was a high-energy person and always added life and vigor to any occasion. He knew how to live life to its fullest. Pe...
From: msadams
I will remember Ron with the fondest of thoughts. We went to the Senior Prom in high school. Then many years went by after I moved to California where I had no contact with him. Then low and behold one day he shows up on my doorstep in CA for a nice visit, stirring up memories of the past. Then we lost contact again. But it sounds like he had a fulfilling life and did want he was passionate and...
From: Hart
Ron, you were my first love, and you will remain in my heart always. You had a wonderful life and brought joy to so many. You will be missed. Thanks for the memories at Crete and the Democratic Convention. And thank you whoever put this together, it was wonderful seeing Ronnie and a glimpse of his life. Love, Audrey
From: philwolfson
Ron was my best friend and I love him like a brother. He was the best man at my wedding, don't have the wife anymore, but I kept Ron. He was my daughter Sarahs' God Father. To many adventures to mention, many not suitable for the internet. He touched everyone he came in contact with, and made each of them feel important. I will sadly miss Ron. The world will not be the same without him.
From: Lana
Ron was my brother-in-law and I loved him very much. We had such good times over the last 34 years that I have known him. He would come to visit us in Moline, IL and park his van or his motor home on our street and all the neighbors knew that Ken's brother was visiting. He would usually come and chat for a while then fall asleep in the middle of the family room floor with his arms crossed on hi...