Rizal Rolando

Rizal Rolando "Ando" Soriano
(1936 - 2004)


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General Details

Name: Mr Rizal Rolando "Ando" Soriano
Nick Name: Ando
Maiden Name: Magsakay
Gender: Male
Age: 68 years old
Lived: Thursday, 23 July 1936 - Wednesday, 29 September 2004

My Story

Married September 9, 1967 to Gloria Elarde Soriano. A faithful husband and loving father to his 4 children. Never had a dull moment with him.

Baby Oh! as he call me. This is the sweetest word I would love to hear everytime I'm with him. Can't sleep without him embracing me. All my life, as I can remember, I sleep beside him.

Our family love the rain, especially a great storm where there will be mass blackout and we can't all go out. That's the time, he will start talking and tell stories. Usapang yosi na ito! Sa gitna ng pritong tuyo at itlog, kwentuhan na habang nagyoyosi ang buong pamilya. Imagine our house! parang gas chamber!

A good friend. Bangko ng Bayan. Utangan ng Tondo. That's how I call him when I finally found out that most of the people around him, owe him money. And I never heard him ask for payment. HIndi sya marunong maningil.

Time came when he could no longer work, and no own money left in his pocket, he became to wonder, "Where are my friends?" I answered him, ganyan ang buhay 'tay. Marami sila dati, kasi marami kang pera eh. And he will answer with a smile, Alam ko naman yon.

When he passed away, we only had about 2 funeral nights. And yet, the chapel was really full, sooo many food that we didn't bought, drinks given by friends, and laughter everywhere. As if birthday ni tatay. Ganun kasi sya magcelebrate ng birthday, pinapainom at pinapasaya nya ang buong barangay! and take note..bawal umiyak! Then I realized, there they are...my tatay's friends.

If there's something I wouldn't forget about my tatay, is the time he once told me....neng, kahit napakalaki ng kasalanan mo sa akin, kahit na gusto kitang saktan, suntukin, sabunutan, di ko magawa. kasi mahal na mahal kita... (this is the only time he told me these words. February 1, 1995.)

The siga ng tondo, matapang, walang kinatatakutan, is actually a loving father and a great husband. We miss you, tay. We love you so much.

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From: ashreykurt
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Nakaka miss naman si Tatay.


Fathers Name: Venancio Soriano
Mothers Name: Florencia Magsakay
Spouse's Name: Gloria Soriano
Children's Names: Lito, Dory, Dennis, Connie
Siblings Names: Dante, Donato, Teresita, Florencio, Deanna
Country of Birth: Philippines
Country of Residence: Philippines
City of Residence: Manila
Occupation: Self-Employment
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Catholic


Favourite Sport: Swimming
Favourite Music Genre: Blues


Place of Passing: Tondo, Manila
Date of Passing: 29 September 2004
Cause of Passing: Cardiac Arrest
Place of Burial: North Cemetery, Manila
Funeral Date: 1 October 2004
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