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Renia Yookhan
(1995 - 2009)


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General Details

Name: Renia Yookhan
Gender: Female
Age: 13 years old
Lived: Tuesday, 28 November 1995 - Monday, 26 October 2009

My Story

Renia Yookhan was always known for her sense of humor. Her open personality would make sunshine out of a rainy day , and her smile would brighten the room. She had a way of making friends wherever and everywhere she went , and she always knew how to make someone smile. Though she seemed happy, she was not. Renia encountered non-stop bullying at school and outside of school. She was called names, and picked on relentlessly. On October 26, 2009 her bullies delivered their final laugh and Renia hung herself in her best friend's house.
Please know that the rumors you are hearing about Renia and her best friend are not true. Renia was too hurt to go on living her life. Her best friend and her DID NOT plan to commit suicide together. Her best friend infact tried helping Renia get through all the pain. She was not there when Renia commited suicide either, no one was. The house was empty so please dont believe the rumors you are hearing about Renia's best friend assisting her in her suicide. There is also a rumor going out about Renia's parents abusing her. That is not true. Her parents loved her with all their heart , and deeply miss her. They were always there for Renia, and I know for a fact that they would do anything to see their little girl smile. I have not come on here to defend Renia's best friend or her parents, I just want people to know the truth and learn a lesson. Bullying hurts, and Renia tought us that. Please just let Renia's friends and family greive in PEACE ! There is proof that Renia's best friend did not assist Renia in her suicide, infact her and the rest of her friends tried stopping her. And there is proof Renia's parent did nothing but love and care for their daughter. Stop spreading the rumors about Renia, her best friend, and her parents. Those are not true.

Renia was an amazing person and she was loved by so many. She had a wonderful family and parents who were always there to support her. She was the best friend anyone could ask for and always brightened the day. Renia had so many dreams and goals, but unfortunetly she was so caught up in teen drama. She was a bright young woman and its a terrible life that was lost, and spreading rumors does not help.
If theres any of you out there who are thinking of doing what Renia did, please dont. I beg of you. The pain after a loved ones suicide is so stigmatizing. And it is one of the worst pains a family has to go through. Renia's death has affected so many lives , and Renia will be greatly missed.

Please dont ever forget Renias story. She has taught us that bullying hurts and she has also showed us how lucky we are to have our loved ones in our lives.

Renia Yookhan was born on November 28, 1995 and left us on October 26, 2009 at the age of 13.

She will be greatly missed but always alive in our hearts.


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From: riprenia
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we miss you angel <3 rest in peace reniia :/




Date of Passing: 26 October 2009
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