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Gail Box
(1964 - 2009)


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General Details

Name: Mrs Gail Box
Nick Name: "Girley"
Maiden Name: Jackson
Gender: Female
Age: 45 years old
Lived: Sunday, 1 November 1964 - Saturday, 28 November 2009

My Story

Gail was born to Hubert & Imogene Jackson on Nov.1,1964.Gail was the sweetest person I know.
I remember so well the day I met you.You were standing on the steps of our home on Walnut St.You lived on that street too.You were going to Disque at the time,I think 8th grade,I was in the sixth.Larry must have been in th 9th.I had to come outside and "check"you out.I was only eleven yrs.old about to turn twelve yrs old I guess.Anyway,I can still see you standing there with that same smile we all came to love through the years.I knew that Larry had found someone special by the way he beamed when he talked about you.I remember sneaking and reading all your love letters(sorry Larry),they were always so sweet.Sometimes you would write Larry three times a day.I can remember getting to go to your house with Larry,so I could babysit Karen & Debbie while your mom worked in the evenings.You and Larry would go out back sometimes and fix a fire and roast marshmellows & hotdogs,and if we were lucky ya'll would bring us in one.I remember your dad playing with the girls.And once I had to make him a bananna sandwhich and I cut them round(he only liked them cut long ways),although he couldn't see,he knew I didn't do it right.He sent me back down to fix it again.It's just the little things like that ,that stick out in my mind.
We have been through some very personal experiences together with our families,some with sad endings and some with very happy endings and some with crazy endings....but I wouldn't trade any of them for the world.
One insident that sticks out in my head was when you called one night to tell me that the shoes were on sell that I had been wanting and I should come up there and check them out before someone "grabbed them".OK,1st of all,I hadn't been looking for any shoes,so that was the first alarm that went off in my head,2nd,you must have  needed help cause you wanted me to come right then,before someone" grabbed them"
I knew something was wrong,but instead of getting Larry or calling the police I had to go into the shoe store and check everything out myself..sure nuff there was a man in there and kept blocking the isle where you couldn't get out.So I made a run for it,yep left you there, and ran to get Larry who took over from there.He and a friend went there and handled it.
I remember singing at your wedding with Ginger,and my mic.wasn't on so all you could hear was Gingers alto part...but it didn't matter to you.I remember our dad having to give you away at the last minute...he was so proud of that.I think that started our crazy family
As the years went on we grew closer together,our familys blended together and we no longer had your family and his family it was"Our"family.Your family is my family,and mine yours.
I loved it when we used to get together on week nites after work and cook together.I loved being able to just run down the street to ya'lls house,and see my babies when I wanted to.
You have always ment the world to me Gail,even if I never told you.
I used to love doing the balloons and all when ya'll had Rainbows on a stiing,and the time it was so foggy in Southside and we couldn't find the house we were going to and Josh was screeming for his "feeding"and we couldn't just give him a bottle if you know what I mean.So you got into the back seat to feed him while I drove and the fog had gotten worse and I decided I just needed to stop in the middle of Hwy 77 and do a 3 pt turn,when all of the sudden the lights of a semi came through the fog like a ghost,you screamed,I screamed but I floored it.Thank God he wasn't ready for us that night because it was really close.The sound of that horn when the driver realized what was going on still comes back to me at times.And I praise God again for keeping us safe.Yes our life has been adventurous.
Remember when you used to run the daycare at your house? That was so fun.There was always something going on.Then we got Ms.Amanda and had to quit the daycare.She was so well worth it.We all used to get off in the evenings and make that long drive to Birmingham to see her the 2 mos.she was there.I remember that first Thanksgiving Amanda was in the Nicu,it was all we could do to keep you at home with us that day.You loved your babies.
I loved our Birthday partys and our Christmas parties the best.I have so many special memories of you that I can't begin to get them all down on paper,so hopefully my mind will be good for years to come,so that I can share your memories with all of our little ones,especially Mackenzie as she grows.Your laugh was infectious,your smile was Angelic,your kindness for people was amazing.You always reminded daddy of a little girl,that's where you got your name"Girly"dad always had a nickname for everyone.
Some names he gave people for Love and others for.......well you get the idea.Daddy definately gave you yours for Love.I am glad you are with him in heaven now,because I don't think he could have handle it if you had gone before him.He thought the world of you.Daddy had a funny way of showing his love,but I can tell you he loved All of his children,blood or chosen.
Gail I just want you to know that I love you and you will always live in my heart.
Your sis,


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Happy EAster in Heaven Gail!We love you!
Flower Memorial Tribute
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Missing you terribly!
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Beautiful words!
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Fathers Name: Hubert Jackson
Mothers Name: Rebecca Imogene Jackson
Spouse's Name: Larry Box
Children's Names: Joshua Box & Amanda Box&Grandaughter Mackenzie Lynn
Siblings Names: Terry,Shirley,Nancy,Deborah,Karen,Pat,Penne
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Gadsden
Occupation: Insurance & Superannualtion
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Other Christian


Favourite Sport: Cycling
Favourite Music Genre: Other
Other Interests:
Spending time with her family and friends was always her first intrest.


Place of Passing: Bessmer
Date of Passing: 28 November 2009
Type of Funeral: Full service
Place of Burial: Crestwood Cemetary
Funeral Director: Josh Horton
Funeral Location: Glencoe-Hokes Bluff funeral home
Funeral Date: 1 December 2009
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