Gertrude  Randle's Memorial

Gertrude Randle
(1927 - 2011)


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General Details

Name: Gertrude Randle
Nick Name: Trude :)
Gender: Female
Age: 84 years old
Lived: Thursday, 23 June 1927 - Friday, 4 November 2011

My Story

My Nan was a lovely lady she was always there to talk to and could lift your mood just by being in the room. She was a big part in my life and now that she has passed away it has left a massive hole not only in my life but in my heart too. we had so many great memories :)
Iloveyou so much nanny&miss you loads
Rest in peace xxxxxx <3 <3 <3 <3

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Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
From: Lottiebabeey
Song Name: see beneath your ...
Artist: emile sande & lab...
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Love you nan, still isn't the same without you, i still get that feeling that...
Comment Memorial Tribute
From: Lottiebabeey
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Nan, not a day goes by without me thinking about you. I miss you so much & I wish you could be here so that we could ...
Heart Memorial Tribute
From: Lottiebabeey
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<3 <3
Flower Memorial Tribute
From: Lottiebabeey
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iloveyou nanny <3


Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Residence: United Kingdom
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Other Christian


Favourite Book: Crossword books
Other Interests:
Knitting, Watching Jeremy Kyle and cops with cameras


Date of Passing: 4 November 2011
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