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Nancy Jean Barbour
(1935 - 2012)


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General Details

Name: Mrs Nancy Jean Barbour
Nick Name: Nan
Maiden Name: Watchorn
Gender: Female
Age: 77 years old
Lived: Wednesday, 27 March 1935 - Saturday, 16 June 2012

My Story

I first saw Nancy when I was a senior in high school; she was a beautiful young woman working at the Green Mountain Inn. I was still in school, and she was a young professional lady, and of course she didn’t pay attention to some squirt from high school.  It wasn’t until 3 years later, when I had matured in the world, that we were introduced by friends, I asked her out, and we hit it off. She was very funny, and we had a lot of fun hiking, dancing, swimming, and waterskiing. We also went on picnics, and the Baggy Knees Theater. After 5 months, we were married, and we were married for 52 years.


      Nancy loved painting, reading, and sewing. She made her own clothes, curtains etc…

She went to school in New Jersey which includes Mt Tabor. When living in Mt. Tabor, Nancy’s fondest memories were going to church at the Mt Tabor Tabernacle, which she spoke of many times. She learned to ski and play golf on the Mt Tabor Golf Course. She  won the title of Miss Mt Tabor, which she never mentioned, but I could tell she was very proud.  She worked when she was a teenager at the local drug store. It was the kind that had a juke box, and served chocolate and strawberry sodas. She told me she used to drink up her pay check in strawberry sodas. . Every morning before school, she was supposed to eat oatmeal, which she hated.  She told me, every day she used to dump the oatmeal down the road by the mailbox.  She went to Booton High School where she was a very popular person, and that’s where she learned sewing, and took commercial courses after graduation. Later she went to Catherine Gibbs, which was the premier secretarial school in the United States at that time.  Nancy worked her way through Catherine Gibbs paying for own her education.


She then went to work for an insurance company in New York for three years.  All I know is she moved to Vermont, because she had no relatives in New York or Northern New Jersey.  When she arrived in Vermont, she worked at an attorney’s office in Middlebury for a while, then worked in Stowe doing bookkeeping, and essentially running the office.  Soon after marriage there were 3 children, Steve, Penny, and Alden, whom she loved with all her heart.  There was only Four years difference in our children’s ages Steve was Four, Penny Three, and Alden One, so Nancy was kept constantly busy.  At that time there were no pampers, only all cloth diapers, and no local diaper services which we wouldn’t have been able to afforded at any rate. She always worked beside’s providing love and care for her children whom were also her best friends. She worked for the state for many years, and also Central Vermont Community Action. 


Later, she was instrumental in the startup of the Vermont Army Navy Store. She worked many challenging years as the store’s bookkeeper, doing the taxes, and anything else she could do to help.  There possible would not be the Vermont Army Navy Store, without her contribution. Among several jobs she held at the State of Vermont, was the Secretary to the State Treasurer, where she was in charge of the abandon property. At Central Vermont Community Action, she was the agency’s Financial Officer.


In the end it was her wish to return to her home in Newark, which she was able to do for a short time. We were able to keep a vegetable, and flower garden in Newark, which was always the center of our lives.  When Steve, Penny, and Alden were younger everyone worked in the garden, but Nancy not only worked in the garden she canned, pickled and froze vegetables. It was a complete cycle from seed to mouth.  It was real fun running the grinder which chopped up cucumbers pickles and onion,  placing them in jars, loading the jars into a hot water bath and alas food. She was very supportive of the children when they made their pineapple weed jam, and sold it at the farmer’s market in Worcester. Our biggest gardening success was when we grew strawberries, which enable our family to make our first trip together to New Brunswick Canada. On that trip we were able to swim in the ocean for the first time, and had Chinese food for the first time.  It was like seeing a different world. We especially remember eating all the fried clams we wanted, what a trip.


            Nancy was quite a lady; she was a great wife, who took care of her husband who always needed some encouragement, and a wonderful mother who wanted the best for the kid’s no matter what. She went without a lot for everyone. I know god will be pleased with her. We will miss you.





If you wish to donate in Nancy’s name to a charity that fights Multiple Myeloma please go to the webpage below:






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Fathers Name: Hugh Jakes Watchworn
Mothers Name: Elizabeth Balfour
Spouse's Name: William Holmes Barbour
Children's Names: Steve, Penny. Alden
Siblings Names: Elizabeth Ferguson
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Newark VT
Occupation: Accounting
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Methodist


Favourite Sport: Skiing
Favourite Team: Red Sox
Favourite Book: Daughter of Fortune
Favourite Movie: Bucket List
Favourite Music Genre: Country
Favourite Artist: Elvis Presley
Favourite Charity: Multiple Myleona Foundation
Other Interests:
Sewing, Gardening, Her Dog Pepper, and Reading


Place of Passing: Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Centet
Date of Passing: 16 June 2012
Cause of Passing: Complications of Multiple Myleoma
Type of Funeral: Family Memorial Service
Place of Burial: Newark Vt
Funeral Date: 23 June 2012

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