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Sharon Woodward
(1951 - 1994)


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General Details

Name: Mrs Sharon Woodward
Maiden Name: Leavell
Gender: Female
Age: 43 years old
Lived: Thursday, 25 January 1951 - Wednesday, 30 March 1994

My Story

  My mom was a wife and mother of four , grandmother of one.    Her life was revolved around her family.  She was the leader, advisor, preparer,  and always had a listening ear.  She lived for her granddaughter.  Even though she worked a full time job she still found time to just sit and listen to our problems.   My dad and little brother would go fishing or hunting on the weekends so me being the only girl at home then we would make time for "shopping days" not really but its what we called it.  We would go to lunch and look around for things and just talk it was our way of  bonding together.  She would always say "if your dad asks, we were shopping, not talking."  I would tell her everything.  At one time it was hard for me to talk to her, but once my older sister left the house and got married and had a baby we got closer.  But of course we had our share of mother/daughter arguements.      

      The day of her passing is a day I will never forget.  I went to school, she went to work.  I felt weird all day, as if I knew something was gonna go wrong.  But not like this.

   She was supposed to be home by 4pm.  to take my brother to his first T-ball practice but 4 pm. came and went my dad was home early and we could not figure out where she was.  So  I started calling places that she may have been.  And then the phone rang, her friend from work was on the other line.  She said there was an accident on the highway and we think Sharon was in it.  She wa sthe passenger in a Hyundai Scoupe and a car coming on the opposite side of the highway came across the median and hit them head-on.  She did not suffer they say.   

   Me and my dad jumped into the car and went looking for the accident.  We drove maybe 5 miles but it flet like 500.  We come around the corner and boom there it was helicopters and lights everywhere, they directed traffic another way.   We pulled in between all the vehicles and a cop came to the car and said you can not come through here.  And my dad said "I think my wife was in the accident, " the cop asked for  her name and he left to talk to someone and he come back and said you need to go to the hospital your wife is there, its not good.   So we went to the hospital and the nurse cam out and said "sir your wife is dead."  My heart dropped to my knees and then I felt my whole world had disappeared.  My mom was my life, my friend, and my mentor.   I was a 16 year in the prime of her life, and still needed the advice,wisdom, and comfort of her mother, and in the blink of an eye she was gone. 

Now 14 years  later I am still hurtin inside maybe more now than then, because I have had two daughters of my own and have recently got married and she was supposed to share those experiences with me, but someone had to take her away from me.  I feel anger toward the lady that hit her and her family because no one ever contacted us or sent us any sympathy.  And to this day no one knows what happened to her.  So dont know why she really died.

 But  as long as I live, my mom lives.....

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Fathers Name: Raymond Leavell
Mothers Name: Frances Leavell
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Virginia
Occupation: Other
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Not Religious


Favourite Sport: Football
Favourite Team: anyone playing Redskins
Favourite Book: Children's books
Favourite Movie: Grease
Favourite Music Genre: Country
Favourite Artist: Elvis Presley
Favourite Charity: cerebral palsy


Place of Passing: on Rt. 29 coming from work
Date of Passing: 30 March 1994
Cause of Passing: automobile accident
Place of Burial: Culpeper, Va.
Funeral Director: Founds & Sons
Funeral Location: Culpeper
Funeral Date: 2 April 1994
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