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Margaret mom Oprea
(1929 - 2010)


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General Details

Name: Mrs Margaret mom Oprea
Nick Name: sissy
Maiden Name: matt
Gender: Female
Age: 81 years old
Lived: Sunday, 19 May 1929 - Tuesday, 2 November 2010

My Story

              Margaret matt was born to Margaret and Michael Matt  may 19th 1929

                    she was a loving wife and mother
      Married to Daniel Oprea , Loving mother to,
                   John and konnie oprea
                  Joanne oprea and alex fink
                  Maryann and Luis cruz
                  Cathy andJoe mcgregor
                  Thodore and Sherry
                  Barbara and Pasquale cieri
                 Marie and Joseph vodopija
                Charlene and David aliciea
         loving grand mother and great grand mother to,
                        Dawn and Michael Lopez
                           Giovanni and Amayah Lopez
                        Richard Gordon
                            Richard Gordon Jr.
                       Felicia Alameda and Miguel Soto
                            Alexis marquel acosta
                      Jasmine Cruz
                      Theresa Cruz
                      Beth ann and John Leach
                         Jarret Leach
                     Stephanie and Moses Cordero
                          Alaina Cordero
                     Margaret Heine and Jeff
                    Caren and John Slovak
                         Danny and Katelyn Slovak
                    David and Brandy Eddington
                          Andrea and Jeffry Eddington
                    Lisa and Joseph Eichman
                          Sianni Eichman
                     Danny Matt
                     Monique Oprea
                    Annie Oprea
                    Crystal and Teddy jr Oprea
                    Melissa, Erica, and Sara Aliciea
New Jersey Born but a Philadelphian at heart she fulfilled her life and laid her last breath in philadelphia pa.  She was the 4th born of 5 children, siblings include
                                             Thomas Matt
                                             Walter Matt
                                            James Matt
                                            Michael Matt
she left behind a large loving family who will forever carry her in their hearts.

Coming time to say Goodbye to our loving Mother
                                  Margaret Elizabeth Oprea
        WE love and adore you so much mom, you were an amazing wife, sister, mother, aunt, grandmom and great grandmom. You touched our lives with your loving heart and gentle hands. You always had a smile and kind words for everyone whom came across your path in life. you had a wonderful heart of gold! you were so many great things to so many people. You were an angel to daddy, a gentle loving mother to your children, grand children, great grand children, and a wonderful guardian through out our lives! you have helped so many people with your kindness. You were never selfish or judgemental, you supported us in all that we did, No matter what we did in life. you were always there for us. We had so much fun with you mom, you were always singing and dancing and laughing. our family trips were amazing. there was never a boring moment with you in our lives. you were always on the go, you always had a smile for everyone no matter how bad you felt. you were a joy to be around. no matter if you were hurting you wanted everyone else to be happy! mom we were a lucky bunch to have you be part of our lives! we  have grown into the adults we've become, because of you. you are an amazing beautiful person. We are going to miss you so much mom! you have fought a long battle and it is now time for you to rest in peace, the angels are smiling over you. God is waiting with opened, loving arms for you. let your spirit rise and join Daddy, Maryann, your mom and your brothers. they have been waiting for you with all the love you can imagine! we will miss you so much mom! you will live in our hearts and our memories Forever!!!!!! God Bless You mom! Amen!

                  written by your loving daughter  Barbara Oprea!  novmber 4th 2010

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happy mothers day happy birthday mom i love u
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i miss u mom
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mom it has been three years since you been gone as mother day aproches and your birthday in the same month i miss you...
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i love you mommy and daddy
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was her favorite song
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i remember me and you going to the store and playing broad games i liked when i was little girl i allwats slept at yo...
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i miss you grandmom i wish you where here on new years n chrismas i know you where with you husband n family up in he...
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it has been two weeks since you left us mom i still think of wanting to walk and go visit you i dont know what to do ...
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Love u mom miss you God bless u


Fathers Name: Michael Matt
Mothers Name: Margaret Matt
Spouse's Name: Daniel Oprea
Children's Names: John, Maryann, Catherine, Joanne, Theodore, Barbara, and Marie.
Siblings Names: Thomas, Walter, Jimmy, and Michael.
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Philadelphia
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Catholic


Favourite Sport: Tennis
Favourite Team: Eagles, Phillies.
Favourite Book: Wizard of oz
Favourite Movie: ten commandments
Favourite Music Genre: Blues
Favourite Artist: Elvis presley
Favourite Charity: catholic charities
Other Interests:
Shirley Temple! Art, History, Museums, Loved the shore, Loved to travel. Loved music, singing and dancing, cooking and loved the holidays, was always active in family functions.


Place of Passing: Home with her family
Date of Passing: 2 November 2010
Cause of Passing: natural
Type of Funeral: catholic
Place of Burial: greenmont cementery
Funeral Director: Nick Cassizzi
Funeral Location: cassuzzi funeral home
Funeral Date: 5 November 2010
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