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Risa Schnegelsiepen
(1961 - 2001)


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General Details

Name: Mrs Risa Schnegelsiepen
Maiden Name: Risa Nichols
Gender: Female
Age: 39 years old
Lived: Wednesday, 9 August 1961 - Tuesday, 31 July 2001

My Story

This is a very sad story my mom was just 39 years old when her life was taken from her she was maried to my father Vaughn Schnegelsiepen for 20 years they had quite a few problems in their marrige but for the most part they coverd it up very well my mother was physically abused and kept it a secret so she would have to take my sister and i away from our dad who we charished so much 
we had moved into an apartment just me, my twin sister and our mother we were hiding from my dad who threatend to kill my mother and anyone she loved. 

on the morning of July,31,2001 my mom was getting ready for work she worked at Tarc a foundation for mentally retarded citizens. she woke my sister up as she did every morning to lock the door behnid her and wait for my grandmother to come to watch us, she was walking down the stairs when my dad came out from hiding behind the stairs he had a gun (sks) in his hands he shot her 3 times (once in the chest, once in the shoulder, and once in her neck) my sister woke me up because she heard my mom scream please dont to my dad and she heard 3 gunshots i didnt belive her so i went back to bed not even 5 mins. later she woke me back up and begged me to go check i went outside to the stairs and i saw my mother laying on the ground coverd in blood i ran down the stairs as fast as i started screaming i put my head on her chest to see if she was still breathing she wasnt i tried pushing on her chest and breathing in her mouth i didnt know cpr but i tried what i knew of it nothing worked she just layed there i couldnt belive it i kept pushing on her chest hoping she would come back to life. my father killed himself 2 hours after he had shot my mother that was also very hard for me even though he killed my mom i was a daddys girl i was only 12 years old i still love my daddy i just with he didnt have to take my mom away he didnt think about me or my sister when he did this we need her now more than ever.

this is the hardest thing ive ever had to do but i wanted to see if there was a chance i could save her and i blamed myself for 6 years that if i would have know CPR better, that i could have helped her i thought this was my fault.  i came to relize it wasnt after 6 years but its still hard for me shes been gone for 8 years now

i love you mommy you are my world even after 8 years i will never stop loving you i cant wait to see you again
love your baby girl Kayla

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just missing you mama i love you and miss you everyday wish you were here Love your baby girl KAYLA
Candle Memorial Tribute
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mom, sometimes its so hard without you there are times even after 8 years that i yell for you and then i realize y...
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i love you mama you are still in my heart and you always will be i will always miss you love your daughter, kayla


Fathers Name: Kenneth Nichols
Mothers Name: Rita Nichols
Spouse's Name: Vaughn Schngelsiepen
Children's Names: Kayla, Krista, and Adam Schnegelsiepen
Siblings Names: Rock,Ronda,Kent
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Topeka, KS
Marital Status: Married


Favourite Movie: my mom loved Rosanne
Favourite Music Genre: Alternative Rock
Favourite Artist: Metallica
Favourite Charity: Tarc
Other Interests:
being the best mom she could be, being a wonderful wife, and a very funny person she could always make you laugh even on the worst days


Place of Passing: Park South Apartments in Topeka,KS
Date of Passing: 31 July 2001
Cause of Passing: Murdered by my father
Type of Funeral: Formal
Place of Burial: Cremation
Funeral Date: 2 August 2001
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