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Beryl Henderson
(1932 - 2006)


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General Details

Name: Mrs Beryl Henderson
Gender: Female
Age: 74 years old
Lived: Sunday, 15 May 1932 - Tuesday, 20 June 2006

My Story

My grandma was the best Granma anyone could ever ask for. Always there when you needed her. My grandmother, was a fit vibrant lady, who was never ill. Then one dreaded day, we recieved a phone call, saying she had breast cancer. The cancer spread so quickly and within 6 weeks, my beloved granma was gone. 

I will never forget her, and I miss her more than words can say. She will forever be in my heart.  I wrote this poem for her, after she passed away..

Across to Yarrawonga, us grankids we would go,
To spend some time with grandparents, that dearly loved us so.
A home cooked meal Granma would serve, at least one everyday,
Unless we ate the jolly lot, at the table we would stay.
The times we spent with Granma, meant swimming in the pool,
It was enjoyed by all of us, as it kept us nice and cool.
At the fall of day, "Id spy" we'd play, while sitting on the floor,
We never wanted it to end, we always wanted more.
While Shane played with his little cars, and I went to bed,
Sharon thought she'd better off, playing with the smurfs instead.
Granma she never did forget, our birthdays every year,
With love and wishes and a gift,  from Granma gaves us cheer.
The pinata that she made for us, at Christmas time was fun,
We woud have to have a swing, for lollies we would run.
With Granma, Grandpa, and dear Pa, and all the family there,
What a wonderful Christmas Granma made, adn we all got to share.
Granma, you were the very best, and always you were there,
For us to share our troubles with, we knew you'd always care.
To lose you from that dreaded foe, ust doesn;t seem so right,
You tried so hard to stay us, you put up such a fight.
I know that you'll watch us over us, from somewhere in the sky,
For Granma I  truly know, that your love will never die.
Now that you have left me, it;s time for me to say,
"Granma, I love you, forever and a day"

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Candle Memorial Tribute
From: Bubbles20257
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I love you so much Granma xxxxx 6 Years today since you left us and we had to say goodbye xxxx I miss you more than a...
Flower Memorial Tribute
From: Bubbles20257
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This is for you grandma, my sunshine xx
Candle Memorial Tribute
From: Bubbles20257
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Granma, I miss you everyday. I love you and always will xxx


Spouse's Name: Ian
Children's Names: Dianna, Barry, Bruce, Barbara
Country of Birth: Australia
Country of Residence: Australia



Place of Passing: Wangaratta
Date of Passing: 20 June 2006
Cause of Passing: Breast Cancer
Place of Burial: Wangaratta
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