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Trent Gordon Campbell
(1987 - 1987)


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General Details

Name: Mr Trent Gordon Campbell
Gender: Male
Lived: Tuesday, 22 September 1987 - Tuesday, 22 September 1987

My Story

Trent Mommy loves you and misses you dearly.  You would be 22 years old now.  I wonder what you would look like now.  Handsome as ever is what I think.  Your big sister and big brother, Ashley and Jr. miss you too.
Love Always and Forever Mommy

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From: Misfit
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Love you Always and Forever Love Mommy


Mothers Name: Ina Campbell
Siblings Names: Ashley, Jr.
Country of Birth: Canada
City of Residence: Kitchener
Occupation: Other
Marital Status: Single
Religion: Catholic



Place of Passing: KW Hospital
Date of Passing: 22 September 1987
Cause of Passing: Stillborn
Type of Funeral: Burial
Place of Burial: Memory Garden
Funeral Location: Chapel at KW Hospital
Funeral Date: 23 September 1987
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