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Melanie Thornton
(1967 - 2001)


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General Details

Name: Miss Melanie Thornton
Gender: Female
Age: 34 years old
Lived: Saturday, 13 May 1967 - Saturday, 24 November 2001

My Story

Melanie Janene Thornton was born in Charleston, South Carolina and began singing and learning to play the piano and the clarinet at the age of six. She also financed her college studies with appearances in talent shows and concerts with small bands. Melanie had always wanted to be a singer and in February 1992, she decided to go to Germany with just $15. 

Melanie rose to fame with her successful solo career in Germany. Her hits include “Love How You Love Me”, “Wonderful Dream”, “Memories” and “Heartbeat”. Before branching out to her solo career singer, she was the lead singer for a Eurodance group, La Bouche, with hits such as “Be My Lover” and “Sweet Dreams” in the mid-1990s.  Her first solo single album was released in November 2000. 

On the night of November 24, 2001 Melanie died in a plane crash near Bassersdorf, Zurich in Switzerland. She was onboard Crossair flight LX 3597 which was carrying 28 passengers and 5 crew members when it came down due to poor weather conditions on its final approach to the airport. Only 9 passengers survived the crash.  The news was a tremendous shock to all her fans in Germany. She had just completed her final performance in Leipzig before going to Berlin where she boarded the ill-fated aircraft to Zurich for her radio and TV appearances to promote her new single “Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming)” and her album Ready To Fly. 

The song “Wonderful Dream” was a Christmas ballad recorded for a German Coca-Cola TV commercial and it was so popular that it was also used in the Christmas Coca-Cola TV in Ireland, UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. To commemorate Melanie’s second anniversary of her death, “Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming)” were re-released with a music video and the song has since remained one of the most popular Christmas songs in the world, especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

Melanie had always believed in leading a fulfilling life. During her final interview just before her ill-fated flight, she had said: “I know we don’t have any guarantee that we’re gonna live tomorrow. That’s why I live everyday as if it was my last.”

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Heart Memorial Tribute
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love joy kisses to you melanie
Heart Memorial Tribute
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melanie was an angel she was very sweet and had kind heart she had the sweetest voice she will me my heart forever lo...
Candle Memorial Tribute
From: Kole
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I'm a big fan of Melanie Thornton and La Bouche, i I want to say that I'm very sorry about whole situation...
Candle Memorial Tribute
From: mymuimui
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One of the best Christmas song. Solely missed
Flower Memorial Tribute
From: miss
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Memory Memorial Tribute
From: meetcin
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Vielen Danke fur der beste Weihnacts song!
Candle Memorial Tribute
From: meetcin
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Das ist der beste Weihnacts werbung!


Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: Germany
City of Residence: Berlin
Occupation: Entertainment
Marital Status: Single



Place of Passing: Zurich, Switzerland
Date of Passing: 24 November 2001
Cause of Passing: Plane crash
Place of Burial: Greater Goodwill Ame Church, South Carolina
Funeral Date: 8 December 2001
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