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Mark Anthony Tate
(1988 - 2007)


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General Details

Name: Mr Mark Anthony Tate
Nick Name: Mark Bach
Gender: Male
Age: 18 years old
Lived: Sunday, 28 August 1988 - Thursday, 14 June 2007

My Story

Mark Bach was funny, kind, sweet, loving, honest, caring . . . . i could be here all day saying how lovely he was. He would do anything for anyone. He loved going out with his mates and having a good time. The girls loved him!
Mark moved in with his nan when he was 8 just over the road to his mams. He didnt want her to have to live on her own. He idolised her and his mam and dad. He was 18 when he started working as a landscape gardener in February 2007. He was really excited that he was finally earning his own wage. He saved up and booked his first holiday abroad. It was to Turkey with his boss and family and his girlfriend Elin Mai Jones.
On the 7th of June at 4am Marks mum and dad had a phonecall from a hospital in Turkey asking them to get a flight over asap. Mark had had an accident. He had been found on the floor below his second floor balcony.
When Linda and Clive reached the Turkish Hospital they were told that Mark had landed head first when he allegedly "fell" from the balcony.
The doctors told his mum and dad that Marks brain was bleeding and all they could do was wait to see if the bleed would slow down or stop. The next day his mum and dad were told that Marks brain was not responding. He was brain dead. Their world fell apart. Linda phoned home and we had to break the news to Marks 75 year old nan. Telling her was heartbreaking.
On the 12th of June Mark was flown home on his life support machine with his mum by his side in a jet ambulance from Turkey to Liverpool Airport and he was then taken to Bangor Hospital.
Bangor hospital carried out more tests just in case there was any chance that Mark could pull through but there wasnt.
Family and friends had the chance to say goodbye.
It was the most heartbreaking thing to ever have to do.
How do you say goodbye to an 18 year old boy who had his whole life ahead of him???
Marks life support machine was switched off at 5.30pm on the 14th of June 2007 with his family at his side.

A black horse and carriage carried Mark at his funeral. Missing you by Puff Daddy was played. Hundreds of people attended wearing white. White because it was Marks favourite colour. It used to show his gorgeous tanned complexion.

His family will never be the same again.
His mam Linda his dad Clive his brothers and sisters Alison Tania Martin Leah and Roy and his gran Marie and others too numerous to mention will always have a part missing in their lives.

There was only one other person in the room that night and she has given 3 different versions about Marks last moments. (even though to police she said she was asleep) All we want is the truth.
An inquest will be held on the 19th of March. Lets hope people start telling the truth and let Mark rest in peace.
We will find out the truth one way or another. I promise you Mark.
We love you and miss you so much. We would do anything to turn back time. Its like a nightmare we just cant wake up from.

Rest in Peace our gorgeous precious angel xxxx

Tribute also on YOUTUBE
THE CORONER RECORDED AN OPEN VERDICT and dismissed his girlfriend's version that Mark was heavily drunk as a lie.

Now we will search for the truth ourselves xx

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Missing you so much Mark xxxxx
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Missing you more than ever Mark xxxxxxxxxx




Date of Passing: 14 June 2007
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