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Louis Greenblatt
(1953 - 2008)


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General Details

Name: Mr Louis Greenblatt
Nick Name: Lumpy
Gender: Male
Age: 54 years old
Lived: Friday, 30 October 1953 - Sunday, 17 February 2008

My Story

One could write volumes on our dear friend, Louis, what a wonderful husband, father, son and friend that he was to all of us, but for me, the true spirit of Louis was the personal encounters we all shared with him. That is what I believe we should capture for Merle, Jared and Romy, not to forget his Mom and sisters. So, feel free to use this site to reminisce down memory lane, the good times, the sad times and the million of funny times we all shared.
Going back in time to when Louis and I were articled together, and lunch time was the 1 hour poker games, and we would send one of the partners out to get lunch, or when we were on audit in Woodstock, and we were both on diet (some things never change!!!) but the Luigi ice cream and chocolate sauce was always exempt!!!! To when my Bonnie and Jared were born (our 1st born) and getting the proud parent drunk was the order of the day, except Louis never ever got drunk!!! And Louis visits to Welkom, when we both lived in the Free State, he would come from Bloemfontein when our wives had gone to Cape Town. My partner still has nightmares of those week ends, the all time classic being when Louis stayed at my partner’s house (he was away) but he also had a round bed. Well 20 minutes after he left, there was a knock at the door, King Louis, yes, we were a little drunk, and his question to me was "how and where do you get into a round bed??"  Because he could not find a side to get into the bed, he had just kept walking around it!!! Or the time we were in Durban (Cortech days), desperate for an early night, we were going to duck from our business dinner really early. I still do not know how we got back to the hotel at 3:30, and why were holding hands!!!And another Durban trip where we booked into the hotel 05:00 (we had been drinking there since we arrived the evening before) so we would be able to get some sleep, but instead went for a swim in the pool. Ands lets not go down the road of rugby, Kappies, Hamiltons, and as a rugby supporter there was not a more passionate supporter. So to all of you here is your opportunity to say it as you would really want, with that incredible man, King Louis.
Lou, to me you were like no other,no one met you, people experienced you!!! you had that power, never to be forgotten.Merle, Jared, Romy and Family, no one can be feeling this loss more than you guys, but understand that out there there is the world wide circle of friends sharing your grief and sorrow.
May all our strength be combined in this trying time.
With all our Love,
Bernard, Linda, Bonnie, Lauren and Greg Schneider

It is December 2004, midway through the second half at Twickenham - England’s famous rugby ground. Intervarsity – Oxford versus Cambridge. The big one. The stands are full. There’s a lull in play as a Cambridge reserve forward comes off the bench. The usual drone of the crowd is momentarily subdued. And then the silence is broken - by a piercing scream. All eyes are drawn to a largish man, standing in the middle of the main stand with arms raised and shouting, with the biggest smile imaginable. “THAT’S MY BOY”, he cries. He points to the field, shouts a bit more, and then everyone around him understands. Some shake his hand, others pat him on the back. Louis Greenblatt’s son, Jared, has just taken the field for Cambridge and Louis cannot help himself sharing his joy, with 45,000 strangers. Tragically, Louis passed away in Israel on 17 February 2008, only 54 years old. He had been critically ill for the previous few weeks. And to add to the poignancy, he and wife Merle, his childhood sweetheart, had only just “made Aliyah”. In the end it was heart failure, amongst many complications. How’s that possible? How can that be? Everyone speaks of his “enormous heart”, his “heart of gold”, his “generosity”, his “love for his family and friends”, his ”love of life and all its challenges”. How could it have been his heart? Was it stretched too far? Maybe his world-wide network of family and friends he loved so much, and constant business travel, just took too much out of him. For the past 15 years, Louis lived in England, but continued to passionately support his beloved Bokke. How he smiled on 20 October last, when South Africa won the World Cup final, believe it or not, on his son’s birthday. Louis grew up in Hiddingh Estate in Cape Town, not far from SACS, the school he loved. He matriculated there in 1971 and continued to live by the SACS motto spectamur agenda – we are judged by our deeds. Louis did not just talk – he was a doer, a great helper. He was also a very good sportsman, excelling in both cricket and rugby. He continued his rugby with the Hamiltons club and then socially with Kappies Kasuals. Louis would not mind me saying he never troubled the examiners at school. Academia was not “his thing”. So ironic therefore, to have a son completing a Doctorate at Cambridge and a daughter, Romy, with a Masters from Edinburgh University. But Louis had different talents and developed into a successful business man with interests stretched far and wide. So much travel required. Never complaining. Always smiling. And what about the CyberClub? Louis’s early friendships, forged on the beaches and sports fields, galvanised in an email group – the CyberClub - spanning Australia, South Africa, England, USA and Canada. Started by Stephen Kaplan of Kappies Kasuals fame, now in Canada, and including 14 (sadly now 13) ex-SACS boys plus a few other very closely bonded friends, spread throughout the world. The CyberClubbers have been in daily email contact for many years and all are now utterly devastated by Louis’s untimely passing. They are thinking of Merle, Jared and Romy, Louis’s mother Fanny, and his sisters Glenda and Nanette. And thinking, too, about what the CyberClub will be like without Louis Greenblatt, their beloved BBL “(Big Bad Lou”). May he rest in peace. By Trevor Zabow, on behalf of the CyberClub and other ex-SACS friends of Louis

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Favourite Sport: Rugby


Place of Passing: Israel
Date of Passing: 17 February 2008

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