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Lou Belcher
(1948 - 2008)


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General Details

Name: Lou Belcher
Gender: Male
Age: 59 years old
Lived: Friday, 28 May 1948 - Thursday, 28 February 2008

My Story

Lou grew up in Harper Woods.  He lived with his mom and dad and one brother, Joe.  His extended family included his Gramma Ferrara, Aunt Fran, Uncle Frank and 7 cousins, ginny, sandy, Judy, ronnie, gary, Renee and DeeDee.  A very close family they were.  They took summer vacations at the family cottage at Grass Lake.  Judy and Sandy joined them for a few of these trips and were there to help encourage them to find "trouble".  I seem to remember that losing "borrowed" clothing and learning to smoke were some of their interests.  Lou and Joe had a Weimeriener named Dutch that had a bad case of gas!  He attended a Catholic grade school and eventually attended Harper Woods High School.  After High School Lou went to work at Grand Trunk with his friend Rick Smith.

in 1997, he met the girl of his dreams (and sometimes nightmares).  He met Diane Delaney in big boys parking lot.  That was a local hang out.  No one went inside, we all sat on or in our cars looking for fun, excitement..........something to do.  Sometimes we found trouble.  Lou found trouble.  He managed to break the big plate glass window at Big boys and one time he punched out the headlights of a truck.  He seemed to have a bit bad boy in him.
  The day we met a whole group of us decided to go to a local fair.  Lou and Diane spent the day night walking around together and managed to get seperated from the group.  Niether one of us had driven to the fair and we were stranded.  Lou found someone he knew and we road home together.  The next day was our first date.  After spending sunday together, back to diane's they went.  Walking around the yard, Diane showing off the swimming, Diane pushed Lou in the pool.  that day he found out how fast she could run............he never caught her (he was going to throw her in) but eventually he did and they were married on March 29, 1968.

That year in September Lauri Ann Belcher was welcomed to this world.  they lived in a flat on the east side and wallowed in happiness.  A move was made to Roseville to live in a Townhouse.  It was there that Jeffrey Louis Belcher made his entranace.  Another move to chesterfield Twp in 1972.  A new home, a big yard...........time for one more baby.  Adam Anthony Belcher arrive in May of 1975.  Family complete.  In that small ranch 3 beautiful children were raised.  During those 24 years Lou became a soccer coach and a baseball manager.  When he came to being an involved parent, he was tops.  Oh he was a strict disciplinarian and a regular neat freak.  Sometimes being tougher on the kids than we all liked.  We all learned to take our shoes off at the door, cut the grass in perfect rows and not leave dishes in the sink.

In 1975 a family tradition was born.  We as a family trudged to Blakes Apple orchard and picked apples.  Every year since we have made the trip in September.  First 5 of us going and the last trip included 15 of us.  Since that family tradition was one we all loved, we added another.  in 1994 our first family vacation to the Houghton Lake area was made.  Every year we packed up our homes, at least it semmed that way, and spent a wekk together full of fishing, playing cards and having fun on the water.  This vacation included friends and extended family members.  Eventually wave runners were purchased and a boat.  Lou loved to be the captain on his little ship.  Although his lauching of the boat left the girls laughing and me shaking my head..........Lou had his own technique!  He would back up quickly and then hit the breaks (hard) so the boat kind of flew into the water.  Our next family tradition came with the pruchase of our new home and a nice large kitchen.  Sunday dinners and a game of poker.  We played cards for change but we all played to win.  Summer winter and fall, 90% of the Sundays promised a full house at the Belchers.

Lou greatest joy came from any situation that included children and eventually children and grandchildren.  In our younger years we were coach and manager of Jeffs softball team.  Lou had the knowledge and I had the patience.  Lou and Emil were soccer coaches for Adam and Scott.  We went camping with the neighbors.  And during camping trips we always went canoeing.  Now, I must admit after the fact that I did have a lot of fun but most knew that it was not my favorite thing to do.  For some reason I hated the unsteady feeling of being in a canoe and Lou was not the "steerer.  I think we found every rock and every tree available.  We also had the good luck of borrowing tents that leaked.  I believe two years running we were flooded out of our tents!

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Fathers Name: Tennis Belcher
Mothers Name: Angela Ferrara
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Chesterfield
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Catholic


Favourite Sport: Football
Favourite Team: gage's
Favourite Book: 5 people you'll meet in heaven
Favourite Movie: the godfather
Favourite Music Genre: Pop


Place of Passing: William Beaumont Hospital
Date of Passing: 28 February 2008
Cause of Passing: cancer
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