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Lisa Willamson
(1967 - 2007)


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General Details

Name: Lisa Willamson
Gender: Female
Age: 40 years old
Lived: Sunday, 3 September 1967 - Wednesday, 3 October 2007

My Story


Shhe was my best friend from 1975 until she died. It is rare to have a childhood , teenage years and adult friend all rolled into one, but that is what Lisa was to me.  Not only that, she was my sister ( since I have only brothers!!) I first remember meeting Lisa at Pare Elementary school in St. Clair Shores, Mi.  It was a cold day in 3rd grade, and I was allowed to stay in from recess to help the teacher as I was just getting over being sick.  Well, in walks this larger than life woman and her daughter.  A new student!! I was so excited.  Well, the first thing I remember is her mother, Wanda , telling Lisa upon leaving her, in a strong southern accent, "Now Dorthoy ( her name before she changed it to Lisa at age 18), make sure you let your teacher know and raise your hand if you have to go to the bathroom!!"  How mortifying for the new girl!! Her mom treating her like a baby! And in 3rd grade too!!  Well, I was allowed to show Lisa around the school, and we became best friends right away.  To make matters even better, she only lived a block away from me!  So, we walked to school together, went on outings (like the ice capades) together and basicly lived at each others homes.  We navagated the start of middle school together ( boys , puberty, crushes, ect) and then in 7th grade she moved.  I moved soon after to the same city ( how weird is that!!) and we ended up living only a few miles away from each other.  We attended different Catholic grade schools until high school, and then we went to Regina high school in 1981!! I remember my dad dropping off 2 scared girls to this huge building on the first day and we walked in together hand in hand.  Well, we remaind BFFs, and then Lisa transferred to Bishop Gallagher High school sophmore year. I soon follwed in the winter term of 10th grade.  Lisa was a very good student and very shy, especially around boys.  I was an average student and not very shy.  So, you can see where this is going.  Her first date was a friend of mine that she liked.  So I set up a date for her with this guy (Jerry ) to homecoming Junior year.  She dated him off and on for a while, and then she met her first real boyfriend Mike.  Mike and I started off as friends, and grew to hate each other.  Because of him, Lisa and I did not talk much our Senior year.  We were friendly and polite, but we hung out with differnet people.  We graduate in 1985 and went our seperate ways to college. End of story ? Not.  When I came home for THanksgiving break, Lisa and I were at the same party.  We hugged and made up like nothing had ever happened .  She broke up with Mile during the summer.  We were BFFS again. After our first year of college, we both suffered growing pains, as many college freshmen do,  Lisa was attending Oakland University, which meant she had to drive on the freeway , which she hated.  After getting into a minor accident, she droppped out and attended the community college close to home.  I went to Northern Michigan University , which was 8  hours away from Detroit.  After a disastorus first year spent largely partying and not attending classes, my parents refused to pay for me to stay at school.  I cam home and got a job.  We both met our future hubands to be.  Lisa met Jim in the fall (?) of 1986 and I met Rich in the spring of 1987.  We both got married( Lisa married Jim in Octorber of 1988) and continued our friendship.Lisa remained working and attending school, and I began having children.  After we had our first son, we moved back to Canada ( where my husband was from) in 1991.  Lisa and I began a long distance friendship. We spoke with each other on the phone ( this was before the net was widespread) and she even came to visit me a few times.  After a few years, we didn't talk as much and soon, a whole 6 months went by without us talking ( due to life and time, I guess) Lisa divorced Jim, and went on to Baker college, where she got her BA . Lisa worked at some jobs and dated some men, and I moved back to Michigan in 2003 , pregnant with my 4th child. The first person I called was Lisa!! She was working at GM, and started crying when I called her.  I had my daughter, and she and her mom were the first visitors I had to see my baby ( other thatn my family).  Lisa and I picked up right where we left off.  She was dating a guy, who ended up getting married.  So , Lisa was lonely, until she met another man form the internet ( who shall remian nameless, as we suspect that he had something to do with her death, even though we cannot prove it!!) Lisa loved animals, she fostered cats and had many dogs and other assorted "critters" who were her children.  Lisa loved music.  She loved writing.  She loved mysteries (Nancy Drew had nothing on her) Lisa loved life.  She was a wonderful gal.. She finally got her MBA last year , a year before she died.  She mainly worked as a project engenireer  at different contract houses.  Lisa loved her work (sometimes, sometimes she hated it) Lisa loved her family .  Lisa loved her friends.  Lisa loved California( she wanted to move there) Lisa loved pecan french toast. Lisa loved mountain dew and coffee (????) Lisa loved life!!She died in a firebombing that occured at her parents home next door . THe firebombing happened on September 30.  She died from smoke inhalation on October 3, 2007. a month after her 40th birthday.  All who knew Lisa miss her so much.  It is like there is a huge hole in my heart!! My kids miss "Aunt Lisa", especially my daughter.  I know she is in a better place, and we eill meet again. But I still miss her!!

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I miss you


Fathers Name: Tom Williamson
Mothers Name: Wanda Williamson
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Detroit
Occupation: Engineering
Marital Status: Single


Favourite Book: Nancy Drew
Favourite Movie: Indian Jones series
Favourite Music Genre: Miscellaneous
Favourite Artist: Duran Duran
Favourite Charity: Anything animal related


Place of Passing: Detroit
Date of Passing: 3 October 2007
Cause of Passing: Murder
Type of Funeral: Catholic
Place of Burial: Cadiallac Memorial
Funeral Date: 6 October 2007
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