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Leisa Tremblay
(1962 - 2005)


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General Details

Name: Mrs Leisa Tremblay
Gender: Female
Age: 42 years old
Lived: Wednesday, 15 August 1962 - Sunday, 15 May 2005

My Story

My mom was born August 15th, 1962 to John and Jean Hess.  She grew up learning the ways of life before meeting my dad, Thom Greenough. They married June 16th, 1984 and had me October 15th, 1985. My sister came alone November 1987 and then my brother in July 1991. As life goes these days they got divorced. A few years later she got together with Leonard Trembaly. They married July 29th, 2000. We got the big news a few months later that she was going to be having another baby. Mom had Logan on September 24th, 2002. 
Life was amazing and mom was so happy.  The following August (2 weeks before her 41st b-day) mom was not feeling good and had been admitted to the Kemptville hospital.  She started going through many tests and the doctors said she had diverticulitis...(can't spell). The day she went it for her operation we thought all was good and that the pain would be gone. However while inside fixing her bowels they came across a shocker... Mom had bowel cancer.  It was there on the spot fixed and was said to have been caught early.  She went through chemo and radiation but never managed to loos her hair or hope.  The next few months were very rough on not only her but the whole family. In January of 2005 mom was to have her portacath out of her chest. At this time she was starting to have pains in her right hip and legs requiring a special bed in the living room and a walker.  She told us that the unthinkable had happened. The cancer had spread to the bones in the right hip and leg. 
Mother day's...May 8th, 2005 I was tired and wanted a day off work so I called in and lied that this was my last mother's Day with her and I wanted it off...little did I know I was wrong.  She alos told us that the cancer had yet again spread to her limphnoids around her kidneys. On the following Sunday my mom was in sooo much pain the had to sedate her to keep her out of pain. It got to the point that the Kemptville hospital could no longer take care of her properly for her pain so she got moved to the Ottawa General. She was bruised by this pont head to toe from low hemoglobin and her eyes were not blood shot but black...no white to be seen. She looked like a monster from a bad dream but in my eyes she was mom...beautiful no matter what!
Friday I went to the hospital to visit mom with a good friend. Upon arrival I found all my immidiate family there. Automatically I knew this was it and got sick to my stomach. When I went in to see my mom lying quietly in her bed my grandparents were in there sobbing and I hit the floor. In my 19 years I had never seen my Grandfather cry and I knew this was it or close to. He hit the floor and held me and we just cried. When she started coming to we were to hit a button that would put her back to sleep. Before my granpa did I made her open her eyes and look at me. I said "mom look at me I want you to know I love you". She managed to say "ove ooo" and she was back to sleep. After an hour and lots of tears and the realization of what was happening before us we started to leave bit by bit. Later that night I went back to the hospital with my aunt. When I got there at 10pm I was able to have eveyone leave and sit with her alone. I held her her hand and sobbed. I sang "Live like you were Dying" by Tim McGraw to her. This was her song since it starts "I was in my early 40's with a lot of life before me, when a moment came that stopped me on a dime"...she had just turned 40 and still had so much life to live...so after I sang to her I told her I knew she was in sooo much pain and that as much as it would "kill" me I knew I couldn't be selfish and had to let her go. I ended up climbing in her bed and held her close and told her to go to sleep and we would see each other again sometime.
Now on Saturday feeling guilty I did not go to see her. I had a banquet to attend that night and after getting a call saying she was no better but no worse I went and got extremly drunk.  This was only becasue of feeling guilty for telling her to let go and rest. Now Sunday morning 10am 1st time being hungover...does't happen ever....I went to the bathroom. After crawling back in bed my dad and satep mom came up to the bedroom and came in with my brother and sister. All my dad did was look at me and I toldd him to get out screaming at them. I went hysterical and he had to hold me down till I came back to it.
The next few days were long and probably the most painful experiance of my life. I know and have heard kids are supposed to burry they're parents not the other way around but I don't think they meant you should do it at 19. After some deep down thought and time to myself for 2 weeks I tried to move on but still have a horrible mother's day.
She is currently residing at the South Gower Cemetary burried beside granpa who had passed away 8 months after burring his own daughter.

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Flower Memorial Tribute
From: 4getmenot
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hey mom I may be seeing you sooner later...I need you to help ethough this
Heart Memorial Tribute
From: KIG877
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I know how you feel I just lost my mom and its real bad my heart goes out to you
Memory Memorial Tribute
From: llittletommy
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I remember when I was pregnant with my first child, Stacy back in 1990. It was Christmas time and Leisa and Thom and...
Heart Memorial Tribute
From: 4getmenot
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Mom I will always love you I just wish you were alive still to see Kaylee. She helped us lay your stone from us on M...
Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
From: 4getmenot
Song Name: Live Like You Wer...
Artist: Tim McGraw
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Fathers Name: John Hess
Mothers Name: Jean Hess
Spouse's Name: Thom Greenough then Leonard Tremblay
Children's Names: Sarah, Kristin and Jared Greenough and Logan Tremblay
Siblings Names: David, Ann, Donald, and Allan Hess
Country of Birth: Canada
Country of Residence: Canada
City of Residence: South Mountain
Occupation: Healthcare & Medical
Marital Status: Married


Favourite Book: Danielle Steele
Favourite Music Genre: Country


Place of Passing: Ottawa General Hospital
Date of Passing: 15 May 2005
Cause of Passing: Cancer
Type of Funeral: normal
Place of Burial: South Gower Cemetary
Funeral Director: Vikki Byes
Funeral Location: South Mountain
Funeral Date: 18 May 2005
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