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Lauren Wright
(1995 - 2014)


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General Details

Name: Lauren Wright
Gender: Female
Age: 18 years old
Lived: Monday, 18 December 1995 - Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My Story

It can be hard for young people to know that it can and will get better. And it is especially because it is hard to talk about, that we need to talk about it. Lauren’s struggles were on and off, and not just one day. She put pressures on herself. She was sometimes caught up in every little worry, and in reaching a perfection that she already was.

When she was just 9 ½ months old, she walked & she never stopped. She was so little it was funny to see her walking.

Her favourite colour was red & her nickname was Peachyhead, especially by Josh & Dad, or Peach Fuzzy Brown Hair Elizabeth Wright to her Aunt Judy & Cousin Katy. She was a tomboy who loved her comfy clothes, and since she was little we would like to joke that we would dress her in a little outfit, and she would arrive clean.  And then she could get messy.

Lauren loved to play board games with the cousins, and outside she enjoyed softball, bocce ball, and badminton but what she may have enjoyed the most was the yearly hockey game at Christmas. And the last time she was at the lake, she had a special little fishing trip with Dad.

She had a great friend in Kelly, who at 4 years older than Lauren first helped change her diapers, took her for walks in the stroller, and from there they were best friends.

Her spunk as a kid turned into a little firecracker of a teenager.

When she was coming out, she would go and sleep in the gazebo at Dad’s. And we will find the comfort and strength that she did in that gazebo to be our true selves with our loved ones too.

She was so overjoyed to be an Aunt to her baby cousin Avery, or the Aviator. She would bounce Aves around in her lap, and Avery would dance for us.

She was a dedicated player in her sports. She started out in hockey playing with the boys in the OCHL, and Lauren had told Alex that my mom would give her the best pep talks in her separate changeroom. She said that she really liked playing with the boys. We think she might have liked defence because she liked getting the other team to back off her teammates, and she liked protecting her goalie. In baseball, her favourite positions were catcher, first base and third, and Dad was her favourite coach. During practice her very first season she made one big hit, bigger than the other kids were making, and when she came off the field she told my mom “Mom, I think I want to be batter instead of a catcher.” She had a lot to learn about baseball, and she did. Her teammates tell us that they will let her remain in their hearts every time they step out on a field.  

She graduated high school with top grades, and won the French, Accounting, and Advanced Functions awards.

In the summer of 2013, Lauren had a special weekend at Elisa’s family’s cottage with her friends. The way we heard it, after a day of settling in and perhaps starting to let loose, there was a bat flying around in the living that made them all run out and they just didn’t know what to do.  So the four of them slept in the car for the night, and then they packed up the next morning.

She went to University of Waterloo for accounting. In Frosh Week she got an award from her group for being the most enthusiastic. She got involved with the Federation of Students Diversity Education Team right from the start. 

She was so honest, and always just wanting people to speak their minds.

Her friends say that she helped them to do their best and she was always their biggest support.  

And she will live on through them continuing to do that for each other. Lauren was a star, and we have such gratitude to you for being here with us to celebrate her life.

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Fathers Name: Greg Wright
Mothers Name: Lisa Wright
Siblings Names: Josh Wright, Catherine Wright
Country of Birth: Canada
Country of Residence: Canada
City of Residence: Oshawa, ON


Favourite Sport: Baseball


Place of Passing: Oshawa, ON
Date of Passing: 28 May 2014
Cause of Passing: Suicide
Type of Funeral: Celebration of Life
Place of Burial: Thornton Cemetery
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