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Lanaia Lee
(1963 - 2011)


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General Details

Name: Ms Lanaia Lee
Gender: Female
Age: 48 years old
Lived: Tuesday, 1 January 1963 - Friday, 11 February 2011

My Story

I Will Always Love You  ( a tribute)

I was called home shocking my fans and family beyond belief
Leaving this old tired world before my time leaving everyone sad and blue
My life taken away, stolen like in the night by a thief
But don't mourn me, celebrate my life because everyone, I will always love you
Blessed with the voice of a angel, I will now take my place to the choir on high
I was lucky enough to share my gift of song to the world and all
I will always love you, my fans, my family, and my friends, it was too soon to say good bye
Too soon, for me to have taken this really bad fall.
I think no one was ready for me to play with the grim reaper
But when he comes for you, you can't hide, your choices are very few
You can't run and hide, from him no one can deter
But don't cry for me, because I will always love you.
My physical life, had it's ups and downs, but now eternally I can rest
But even from death, please remember me, always keep my memory within your view
Sometimes life was for me so very hard, to face it, I tried my very best
Even though death took me, I will always love you.
With the world, I wanted to share a part of myself, my gift would forever stamp time
Making you remember me, hearing my voice, you know it's me, no need to ask who
Now my voice has gone home and to Earth, it will remain as silent as a mime
Even though I am no longer here, I will always love you.
My physical presence, no longer here, but when you hear my voice, don't cry for me
When you hear my voice, celebrate my life, even though no more will I be within your view
Remember my life, even though from this life I wasn't ready to flee
So from me Whitney, to everyone, I will always love you.

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Date of Passing: 11 February 2011
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