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Paul Lake
(1952 - 2005)


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General Details

Name: Mr Paul Lake
Gender: Male
Age: 53 years old
Lived: Tuesday, 8 January 1952 - Saturday, 28 May 2005

My Story

My Abba
It has almost been a year since my father, Paul M. Lake, passed away.   This 
picture of him on his couch in Portland Oregon is how I remember him  most.  
He got Hepatitis C at about the age of 18 or 19 while in the US  Navy, most 
probably from getting a tattoo.  The tattoo on his right upper  arm tells the 
branch of the armed forces he was in, the year he got the tattoo,  and the girl 
he left behind.  Her name was Trudy Johnson.  My Abba, as  I called him, told 
me that she was the only other lady he had ever loved besides  my mother.  I 
always wondered if my mother ever asked him to get the  tattoo covered up or 
removed; that is one of the many questions I wish I  could have asked him. 
In this picture his arm is flexed as in the "male  beach pose."  My father 
was a handsome man who was also extremely clean  from head to toe.  He always 
carried with him a pack of Dentine gum, to  chew immediately after he smoked a 
cigarette, and a handkerchief in his back  pocket like his father had done 
before him.  It was those little things of  style, like the handkerchief he 
carried and always opening a door for a lady  that made my father a man to be 
modeled after.  He was a true man of the  old school.  When he would get home to 
relax, he would always sit down in  the same spot, as seen in this photo, on the 
couch and empty his pockets of all  he was carrying. 
He worked as a fare inspector for the  trains in Portland, OR.  If one lived 
in Portland and rode the trains,  he/she has most likely seen my Abba.  As I 
looked through my father's house  after his passing, I found a letter from 
China addressed to my father.  It  was from a teacher that had gone to Portland 
for class with about seven other  teachers.  The letter had two photos each of 
seven Chinese women and a very  tall American man dressed in a dark blue 
uniform with a funny little  smile.  The man in the photo was my Abba, wearing the 
exact same smile that  I remember him most by; the same smile that is seen in 
the photo of him on the  couch.  This is the smile I have seen most of my life, 
from the very first  time that I opened my eyes.  Through his smile, my 
father showed the world  who he was and what he was made of.  Throughout my entire 
life, people have  always told me much they liked and respected my Abba; it 
makes me proud when  people say such things of him.
His smile always reminds me of how proud I am  of him. In this picture, I 
feel as though he‚Äôs looking at me in a way like we  can really see each other.  
Those blue eyes of his can bring joy and pain  to my heart.  The pain in my 
soul because I know he will never see me  through those eyes again and the joy of 
being lucky enough to have been his,  son, friend and student, even if it may 
have only been for a short time. 
He  has left his mark on me and the rest of my family as well.  I see it in 
the  hand that types these words to the bounce in my step as I walk.  My father 
 had very large feet, as is seen in this photograph in front of me.  When I  
was young, I would walk around the house in his enormous shoes, laughing and  
taking high steps so not to catch the tips of his huge shoes onto the carpet. 
He  would smile at me and say, "You look like a huge letter 'L' on its side." 
  My Abba‚Äôs smile was warm.  It made babies coo and angry people ask, "What's 
 so funny?"  I enjoyed making him laugh, like when I put on his big shoes,  
just so I could see his soothing smile of love and pride.  
After he  found out that he was sick, he never got angry or even upset 
people.  He  would just smile that very same smile that is shown in this photograph 
and tell  them about what he thought of anger.  He would tell people how much 
time  anger can take up and how life can always be taken away from a person; 
he would  say that after life is taken away, all a person has left are 
memories, like  photos.  He would go on to tell them of a friend of his who got sick 
and  was told he only had six years to live.  My father would say that this man 
 did not waste one minute of his life getting upset.  Instead, he smiled for  
still being alive and that is exactly what I believe my father is portraying 
in  this photograph.  He was showing the world to live each day to the 
fullest,  because you never know what‚Äôs going to happen tomorrow.   

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Fathers Name: Milton Lake
Mothers Name: Virginia Callaghan Lake
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Portland
Occupation: Transport & Logistics
Marital Status: Cohabitating
Religion: New Age


Favourite Sport: Horseback Riding
Favourite Book: Spiritual Books
Favourite Music Genre: Folk
Favourite Artist: Neil Young
Favourite Charity: family


Place of Passing: Oregon
Date of Passing: 28 May 2005
Cause of Passing: Liver Disease
Type of Funeral: informal
Place of Burial: Oregon
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