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Kevin Hoang Tang
(1975 - 2007)


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General Details

Name: Mr Kevin Hoang Tang
Gender: Male
Age: 31 years old
Lived: Sunday, 5 October 1975 - Monday, 1 October 2007

My Story

‘Always show your best’ This was what Kevin always told me when he was working on his photos. And that is how he lived his life. He always strove to be the very best in everything that he did – whether it was being a pharmacist, a photographer, a friend or a partner. He had a very proud and noble spirit. Sometimes that proud spirit was stubborn and determined. Other times it was quiet dignity and bravery even when faced with the most devastating circumstances.

When Kevin was diagnosed with Linitis Plastica, a rare and aggressive form of stomach cancer in November 2006, he refused to be a sick person. He was too proud for that. Instead, he fought hard to live a normal life. And he did. He was very active right through months of chemotherapy and surgery. He did lots of gardening, took lots of photos, spent as much time as he could with family and loved ones. He kept saying to me that we should cherish every moment we had together. He loved sitting out in the sun, enjoying a good cup of coffee, strolling down the beach, or taking a beautiful shot with his camera. He would savor moments which most of us would take for granted.

It is so hard to try and describe a person in just mere words. Most people who knew Kevin would probably describe him as a quiet guy. A man of few words, he was never one to seek attention for himself. And yet in that quietness, there was this strength about him. He could be ridiculously stubborn but he was also incredibly loyal to his friends and the people he loved. He had great integrity and valued true friendship. He was lucky enough to have a few really close friends and he enjoyed and treasured those friendships. He saw the value and beauty of enjoying things that truly matter in life. This is reflected in the things he enjoyed doing the most. He would sit for hours in front of his aquarium, looking at his fishes. He loved nothing more than a quiet spot of fishing alone or with friends. He enjoyed quiet walks and sitting at a café, enjoying a cup of coffee and watching life go by. In his younger years, he loved nothing more than a full day of snooker at UQ2, which we all dubbed his second home. Kevin had an artistic soul. He saw the beauty in life and in nature. He loved taking photos. He even took a year off after uni to do a photography course while the rest of us slogged through our traineeship year. I remember talking to him on the phone after I got him his Canon EOS 30D camera from Malaysia. He wanted me to fly back to Adelaide right away because he couldn’t wait to use his new camera. He would spend hours photo-shopping a photo he took until it was perfect. A perfectionist, he always made sure that everything he did was perfect, whether it was the labels he put on medication when he was dispensing a script, or a photo he was working on, or a shirt he was wearing... it was always neat, always perfect.

When Kevin knew that he was not going to beat his cancer, he started planning his funeral. He wanted everyone who attended his funeral to have one of his bookmarks. He took the photos and designed the bookmarks himself and was selling them to raise money for the Cancer Council. That is how he wanted his friends and everyone who knew him to remember him.

`LIfe is made up of moments. We should savor those moments.` - Kevin Tang -

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From: vvienl
Song Name: Better Man
Artist: Robbie Williams
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Favourite Sport: Soccer
Other Interests:
Fishing, photography, snooker, tropical aquariums


Place of Passing: Unley, Adelaide
Date of Passing: 1 October 2007
Cause of Passing: Stomach cancer
Place of Burial: Springbank Creek, Centennial Park
Plot Number: 05A
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