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Josephine Camilleri
(1968 - 2007)


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General Details

Name: Ms Josephine Camilleri
Nick Name: Guza
Gender: Female
Age: 39 years old
Lived: Sunday, 21 April 1968 - Tuesday, 25 September 2007

My Story

Some of you knew her, met her a few times or just knew about her through when we talked about her. She was my Zija Guza or to others Josephine Camilleri.
Zija I could never praise and talk about you enough. You have impacted my life ever since I met you on my first trip to Malta as a little girl. You were the fun aunty who used to play practical jokes on people and do anything for a laugh. You are my mum’s baby sister, the one she used to take care of as it was her big sister duty. She looked after you and cared for you as if she was your second mother. Then Zija you became like a big sister to me. Watching out for me, listening to what I had to say and directing me to where I am now.
Zija Guza touched so many lives, with her big heart, strong friendships that neither water nor countries could weaken. No matter how far away you lived family always came first with you. You made so many efforts to come here and visit us all and spoil us with your time and patience when we were visiting you in Malta. Zija Guza tried so hard to get her family together when ever she could. She loved the thought of family and everything it represented.
She was a very sentimental woman. Moments and memories are what drove her through life. If you had the privilege of seeing her house you will see a house covered with memories all abound. She displayed all the things around her that had impacted her. She kept treasures from her many adventures of travelling the world whenever she could. She had a thurst for learning and seeing different cultures. It added to her already interesting personality.
Zija Guza was a free spirit. She wasn’t one to be told that she couldn’t take care of herself, she was the opposite. She was a strong woman who was fiercely independent and spoke up when she didn’t agree with something.
She had this amazing patience for people. I remember when I would watch any tv show with her in Malta in Italian. Zija would sit patiently and translate the movie for me so I would understand what is happening.
Zija Guza took pride in her job. She loved being a Sargent and working with the people that have become life friends. You’d see this passion when it was the annual police day in Marsalforn. She’d take us to watch the police march and the dog show. The whole time you can hear and see her talking with nearly everybody and laughing. Always making a joke and hearing her laugh. She loved to laugh. Mum could tell you so many practical jokes that my aunty has done in her lifetime. Moments like these will always be treasured. Zija Guza was a fighter, even near the end of life her fighting spirit was there. After we were told that she was unconscience we were not sure if were able to talk to her again. But a miracle happened and we were given a chance to say our goodbyes. Even during this time she joked with mum that she was in the hospital having triplets and telling us that when she all better we can visit her in her new house. Telling us that when we leave the house will seem ugly because its empty again without her visitors.
Zija Guza you are an amazing woman that has forever impacted my life and many others. You will be missed heavily but never forgotten. Because you are always with us now. Zija I love you and miss you. Watch over us.

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Fathers Name: Peter Paul
Mothers Name: Poala
Country of Birth: Malta
Country of Residence: Malta
City of Residence: Nadur
Occupation: Law Enforcement
Marital Status: Single
Religion: Catholic


Favourite Movie: Under the Tuscan Sun
Favourite Music Genre: World Music
Favourite Artist: Eros Ramazzotti


Place of Passing: Rabat Hospital
Date of Passing: 25 September 2007
Cause of Passing: Breast Cancer
Type of Funeral: State Funeral
Place of Burial: Rabat Cemetery
Funeral Location: Gozo
Funeral Date: 26 September 2007
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