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Jordan Burnell West-Morson
(1986 - 2013)


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General Details

Name: Sir Jordan Burnell West-Morson
Nick Name: "Joby"
Gender: Male
Age: 26 years old
Lived: Saturday, 14 June 1986 - Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My Story

The Life, The Words & The Story of...

Jordan Burnell West-Morson

Jordan was born the son of Pastor Jamel Morson & Lynette West on June 14, 1986.

Jordan was a brilliant, academically gifted, high energy and very loving child. Who attended The University of Detroit Jesuit Academy along with the Detroit Public Schools. Jordan was very active in the Jail Prison Ministry with his dad. And he did a brief stint in the US Navy.

Jordan was an up-and-coming talented musical artist from Detroit. He loved his music and could sing, write and produce any song. He became the youngest unofficial member of the Gospel Group "Resurrection" at the age of two (2). And as an adult, Jordan enjoyed producing,writing rap and gospel music.Music that was a reflection of his life’s journey and experiences.

Jordan truly Loved God and his Family! He found Christ at the very early age of two (2). When his very young spirit was very often moved, time after time. Whenever he heard this song entitled “Glory.” You could see the holy spirit taking control and moving right through him. As family and friends enjoyably watched him time after time be lifted upon to the stage. Where he would begin dancing,singing and praising the Lord on a stage shared with his dad.

Jordan is survived by his parents Jamel & Lynette, Mom-Ann, twin siblings- Jame’ll & I’Mani, and his very loved Grandmother-Rosetta Morson. And he left to cherish his memories a host of Uncles, Aunties, cousins and friends that truly loved and cared about him. All who will forever and always truly miss him deeply and dearly.

Jordan made his home-going transition on May 1, 2013 and will forever and always be in our hearts, loved and truly missed!

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Hello Jamel so sorry for your loss, so happy they finally charged to person who took Jordan. Peace


Fathers Name: Jamel Morson
Mothers Name: Lynette West
Spouse's Name: Ann Morson
Siblings Names: I'mani & Jamie (twin siblings)
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Detroit
Occupation: Entertainment
Marital Status: Single
Religion: Born Again Christian


Favourite Sport: Basketball
Favourite Music Genre: Rap and Hip-Hop
Favourite Charity: Juvenile Ministry
Other Interests:
Spending quality time with his family and friends. Visiting the juvenile centers with his dad and ministering to youth, writing, producing and performing music.


Place of Passing: Detroit, Michigan E. 8 Mile Rd. & Gratiot Gulf Gas station
Date of Passing: 1 May 2013
Cause of Passing: Shot and killed by a Detroit Off-Duty Transit Police Officer
Type of Funeral: Baptist
Place of Burial: Historic Elwood Cemetery
Funeral Director: Swanson's
Funeral Location: New Revelation Baptist Church
Funeral Date: 11 May 2013
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